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Fair signal on a SDR in northern Germany. Clear ID at 1644.
1647 - an a capella remake of "She Loves You" by the The Beatles
1652 - longer ID with email address.
1655 - "Everyone Knows It's Windy"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 USB 18 SEP 2021 0002 UTC
« on: September 18, 2021, 0022 UTC »
Tonight I'm experimenting with the online KiwiSDR receiver at KD4HSO. I believe his rig is in Nebraska.

Actually it's near Kansas City, Kansas.

Do you know something The Vault has been silent for many days? :-[

Yes, I noticed that too but I thought that their TX is in the Irish Republic.


edit : Merlin was raided this morning, while Paul Watt was not even at home,
and a lot of equipment has disappeared, even his personal computer.

I am so sad to read this.

For what it is worth, I don't see any information on this on the official RMI Twitter and Facebook pages, but that doesn't mean much:

EDIT: Sorry. Here's a comment from yesterday:

:( To be honest, it surprised me that Merlin was not raided sooner by Ofcom.

Predictability is a liability. If they know when you will be on, it makes their job a lot easier.

ID in Dutch at 0933. Ronalisa.

I stepped out of the room for a minute around 0934 and their TX left the air.
0935 - Perhaps they are back on at low power?

Maybe this is King Shortwave?    ID at 0906 UTC.

SINPO 44444 on the Weston Super Mare SDR.

0943 - The Pretenders
0944 - ID heard twice
0945 - TX off the air.

Excellent on the Weston Super Mare SDR. SINPO 55545.

Electronic dance music

ID courtesy of TRI below.

ID 0919 UTC. "One more song and then we're closing down."
0924 - TX off

There was a good SINPO when I tuned in but lost it a few minutes later.

0854 - John Cougar Melencamp - Authority Song
0856 - Signal completely faded out
0939 - Bruce Springsteen - Badlands. Not sure if this is the same station I heard earlier. Who knows.
0948 - Van Halen - Panama
Multiple snippets of The Clash song "This is Radio Clash" between songs so it's a solid bet I know the ID at this point.  :D
0956 - ID and email address,

SINPO 45544 on the Weston Super Mare SDR.

0849 - Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls of Fire
A lot of splatter QRM from 6280.
0925 - Nick Gilder - Hot Child In the City
0927 - Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
0930 - Man of Action before signing off.
0931 - TX off.

Signal is good around Western Europe. ID at 2037 UTC.

Their audio is usually pretty good but today noting some distortion on their bass frequency response, making drum beats sound clipped. I guess they could turn down the bass a little.

Kraftwerk, Autobahn, @ 2030 UTC. OTH Radar QRM occasionally.  :(

Deep Purple at 2001. SIO 333 in Switzerland.

Operator is "Mike". ID "Radio Kopf...." Closing down.

Can hear Bruce Springsteen beating against Voice of America in Kurdish.

Pleasant listening with some rapid fading on a Swiss SDR at 1910 UTC. SIO 554.

La Cucaracha @ 1920 UTC.

TX on a few seconds after 52 Radio signed off. Signal is weak in UK and I missed the ID.

Faded out or TX off when I checked back at 1910 UTC.

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