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No ID yet but assumed due to frequency and programming. SINPO 23232 in central Italy. Lots of QRN this evening.

I hear them in central Italy.

1922 UTC - Tuned into a Steely Dan song. SINPO 24322.
1926 UTC - ID? Faded down.
1930 UTC - ID in English. "...very good evening..."

No ID yet but assumed due to frequency and usual programming. SINPO 33233 in central Italy.


Weak in central Italy at 2057 UTC; just above the noise level about 50% of the time. SINPO = 14311.

Excellent bass audio. My speaker is rattling off the table!

0032 - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, a hiphop version of Dead Kennedys "California Uber Alles".
0058 - Carrier off

0025 - Blues. SINPO 44344 on a Pennsylvania SDR. Overmodulated.

Wild animal calls at 0017, likely Seven Trees.

0010 - Music
0011 - SSTV
0013 - AM station came in on top to QRM.
0020 - More SSTV.

0003 - Stevie Wonder. SINPO 44334on a Pensylvania SDR.
0007 - ID, into more Stevie Wonder.

Thanks. It's late in Europe and I'm going to bed.

2323 - Beatles, "Drive My Car".
2325 - ID repeated 2x.
2328 - Advert for Stag Beer and into AC/DC, "Shoot To Thrill".

Looks like they are repeating the show. See Shipmuck's post above and add ~72 minutes to know what comes next on the show.  ;D ::)

Tuning around on east coast US SDR and just happened to catch the start. Great signal, SINPO 45334.
I have a weak carrier on 6939 KHz but they must be QRMing reception of that station for some.

2308 - music
2321 - seemingly off after a few bluesy tunes

Propagation / Re: foF2 plots
« on: April 29, 2018, 2249 UTC »
As the distance between the transmitter and receiver increases, the angle becomes less than 90 degrees (perpendicular) and frequencies higher than foF2 can be propagated.  This can be computed with simple geometry, if you know foF2 and the height of the F2 layer (also displayed on a graph next to the foF2 plot) you can compute the angle and then the skip zone distance around the transmitter site.

An example of the plot that Chris is referring to is at the bottom. I have drawn a red arrow at the relevant height, which is on the black trace. I have highlighted the scale that is used to indicate height. I have also highlighted the indicated height (in km) in textual data, "hmF2".

Here is a map of the digisonde stations around the world: http://www.digisonde.com/digisonde-station-map.html
Here is a location to view plots like I show below: http://ulcar.uml.edu/DIDBase/

Not sure between Bogusman and The Ghoul,

It seems that the station operator is not sure as well!  :D

2202 UTC Fair carrier and hints of audio here on 6325.2 AM

Yeah, I think that is still him. I have a weak signal from him at 2208.

Barely listenable in Italy at 2200 UTC. Much better on SDRs in the UK. Some sort of skit in German at 2200 UTC

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