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Coast FM maybe? Haven't heard them in awhile here....  ???
Likely. I noted that they were on earlier this evening but I did not get around to logging them here.

2221 UTC - nothing heard in Italy.
2251 UTC - checked back just now and I hear them with a Michael Jackson song. SINPO 21222 due to QRM from drifty carriers at ~6285.1 and ~6285.4 KHz.
2257 UTC - Abba, "Waterloo".
2258 UTC - ID as "Coast FM" and advert for BritishCornerShop.co.uk. I have the frequency as 6284.97 KHz.
2300 UTC - ID again and news with female announcer.

I have a signal at this frequency with music. SINPO 22322 with some digital QRM on the USB here in Italy.
2027 UTC - English talk about using a laser to replace a stylus for playing vinyl records.

2228 UTC - Music with male vocalist. SINPO 22322 with BW of +/- 5 KHz.
2230 UTC - Monologue in English about someone throwing things at windows, police constables, etc. This was a very long introduction to Nick Lowe's "I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass" at 2235 UTC.
2239 UTC - George Carlin.
2242 UTC - Signal is gradually deteriorating. I'm close to tuning out.
2243 UTC - The Who, "Substitute".
2300 UTC - Checked back and no signal found.

Ευχαριστώ, Κώστας. Ελπίζω να σας ακούσω ξανά.

Presumed to be Zeppelin. SINPO 23223 in Italy. Possibly slightly overmodulated - I hear a little bit of distortion on the audio peaks. I have their carrier at 7725.83 KHz, for what it's worth.

1932 - Roxy Music, "More than this".
1942 - Patti Smith, "Because the Night". Signal degrading.
1945 - The Stranglers, "Always the Sun". Really tough copy.
1949 - Terence Trent D'arby - "Wishing Well".
2000 - This Op is my hero and the New Wave continues, Duran Duran, "Rough Boys".

Tuning out for dinner. Ciao!

SINPO 33222 at tune in. Probably a little early for best propagation to Italy but I am going out for passegiatta (an evening walk) and dinner soon.

1923 - mention of the programming as "Laser Anthem" and into a song from Damn Yankees.
1928 - ID but fading is just enough to make it hard to understand the rest of the announcements.

Maybe I will check back later tonight.

1910 UTC - ID, "This is Harmony" between songs. SINPO 23332 in central Italy this evening. Some QRM on the LSB.
1912 UTC - "Oklahoma".

Presumed Laser Hot Hits/Laser International audible right now in Italy but, similar to Radio Harmony, it's a bit early for them and the propagation is not great with very deep fading. SINPO 24322. I haven't heard an ID yet but unlikely to be anything else.

Presumed Radio Harmony heard here in Italy. The band isn't quite long enough right now, the signal is very weak and fading is severe. SINPO 15411. I may have heard an ID at 1718 UTC but I can at least tell that the programming is consistent with their usual crooner music.

I have a weak carrier here in Italy at 2200 UTC but can't really follow the modulation.

Radio Harmony received here in Italy. ID with "Beautiful music here on Harmony" at 2018 UTC. Usual programming of music from the 1930-1950s for the most part.

Good signal but it sounds like there is some utility with a carrier underneath them and almost, but not quite zerobeat. I checked a couple WebSDRs in Europe and I do not hear the same level interference so maybe it's something local to me (or a mixing product inside my receiver) EDIT: and I do now hear (and see) another carrier about 50 Hz lower in frequency when Harmony fades down.

With that in mind, SINPO 42332 at this time.

Tonight they are relaying Atlantis FM from Tenerife. A program on Flock of Seagulls and 1980s New Wave at tune in 1952 UTC until the top of the hour. Their signal is not as good as usual tonight in Italy; SINPO 35433.

I think that this is new - because I don't remember this before - but I have their carrier frequency at 6284.95 KHz right now, as opposed to 6285.00 KHz. Not sure if they have always been 50 Hz low or not. EDIT: I checked my receiver to a time signal standard at 5 MHz and I may be indicating 10 Hz low, but not 50 Hz.


Signal is still mostly OK at 2205 UTC with some deep fadeouts. SINPO 35323

SINPO 31431 in AM in Italy at the moment. Some QRM on their LSB that sounds like intermittent noise bursts but is likely some sort of digital transmission. SINPO 34333 if listening to the USB only.

Usual programming.

Other / Re: MASSIVE QRM Tonight?
« on: April 17, 2018, 1721 UTC »
I woke up in the middle of the night here in Italy (~0200-0300 UTC, I think) and heard it. Its not as strong as what the original poster shows but clearly there.

It looks like a multicarrier signal. I have seen/heard things like this on HF before but perhaps not quite this wide.

SINPO 34333 in central Italy. Recorded programming from a Saturday. Not heard on Twente SDR.
ID at 0050 UTC with mention of shortwave frequency and email address for the studio.

Checked at 0035 UTC 16 April and not heard in central Italy. Also not heard on Twente SDR.

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