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2317z Off

Tuned in at 0030 UTC without reading the whole thread and it appears that I just missed him.  :(

MW Loggings / Re: 1494 RSK Okayama 30 March 2018
« on: April 14, 2018, 0614 UTC »
Yes, quite clear commencing with, "おはようございます" and callsign a bit later.

Very nice.

Listening on an SDR in midwest USA. A fair amount of QRN.

0028 - ID as "Cool AM Radio...One bad ass motherfucker...", etc.
0029 - dead air for a couple minutes.
0030 - Alice Cooper song.
0038 - Bob Marley "No Woman, No Cry". SINPO 35243 at the moment.
0047 - Snippets of many songs. QRN is getting pretty bad and it's late where I am. Tuning out.  Laters.....

Their carrier is just barely breaking above my minimum discernible signal level at 2257 UTC in central Italy, SINPO 25422.

Listening in central Italy. Overall OK.

2254 UTC - Kate Bush, "Running up that Hill", SINPO 35534 with long deep fades.
0000 UTC - switched to IDing as "Atlantis FM*" with UK news headlines and then into "Edelweiss" (the pop song, not the song from the musical). Signal is really good at the moment, SINPO 55545.
0010 UTC - "Stand and Deliver" - Adam and The Ants
0107 UTC - "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel. Signal is still excellent here but it's late and I am going to bed.

*Atlantis FM is also on Tenerife http://www.atlantis.fm/contact.html

Usual programming.

2250 UTC - Tuned in. Excellent in central Italy now, SINPO 55545.
2300 UTC - Time pips for the top of the hour
2320 UTC - Email address and ID given. Signal is a little weaker, with longer, deeper fade outs.

SIO 222 this afternoon in central Italy. They are hammered by Link-11 on their lower sideband right now.

Average signal for them this afternoon in central Italy. SIO 343 with some deep fades. I'm jumping around on the radio dial, listening to various things and checking back periodically.

1716 - Tuned in during "Jump" by Van Halen.
1718 - ID "Coast FM"
1725 - Song from The Cure
1726 - Advert for "(something)SlowFood.com" (?) among other things.
1736 - "Red, Red Wine"

Presumed LHH Received in central Italy, SIO 443, with some deep selective fades and a little bit of QRN.

"With A Girl Like You" at 1825 UTC.
ID @ 1834 UTC, into news headlines.
ID @ 1835 UTC, "Broadcasting to Europe on shortwave, this is Laser International."
Bruce Springsteen song at 1940 UTC. ID at 1943 UTC as "Laser Hot Hits" and a couple mentions that this was Sunday afternoon. I guess the SW programming is tape delayed FM/MW programming today (or always?).

Normal programming. "Don't Talk To Me About Love" by Altered Images then ID at 1813 UTC.

Good signal into central Italy (my temporary home for a few weeks) but QRM from a peskie-like QSO on 6280 USB in a language that I can't quite place.

2138: Acknowledged Aki (?) in Finland in English.
2148 2145: Announcement in Dutch, into "Rasputin".
2151: "Jailhouse Rock".
2154: ID in English and "very good morning".
2159: "867-5309". Signal is S9+20 in the UK!
2202: "Hit The Road Jack".
2204: "Simply the Best".
2210: Oom-pah-pah accordian music with English vocals
2212: More oom-pah-pah. "Have another beer..."
2214: I tuned out. Dank u wel!

May have shut off as of 2130 UTC ??

Can't seem to hear it in southern Europe, nor on Twente SDR. I found it on a UK SDR. Of course, LHH is on 6205 and strong there too and splattering a bit at times. (Edit: Magically, as soon as I wrote that, LHH seems to have changed programming or shut off the TX.)

Splitting hairs: I have them on 6209.99 KHz.

Late 1970s-early 1980s funk/dance music.

SIO 333 in central Italy at the moment but a solid SIO 444 on the Twente SDR with synchronous detector. The usual programming. Advert for Britishcornershop.co.uk at 1850.

We changed from an Optimod to an Omnia 5 processor this week. Interested if you are noticing any difference and if you are your thoughts.

Yes, the audio seems a bit more dynamic and "punchier". I like it.


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