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Pop music. SIO 233 on a UK SDR. ID in English and Dutch at 1806 but missed it due to being out of the room.

Flock of Seagulls @ 1807 UTC.

ID at 1828. Later IDs alternate between "Studio 52" and "52 Radio".

TX off at 1845 UTC.

Fading in and out on a UK SDR.

Completely obliterated by STANAG right on frequency at 1745 UTC.

Dutch vocal music. Low modulation level with little bass. SIO 322 on a UK SDR.

Peskie QRM at -4 KHz moved down to 6288 USB. Sounds like Dutch language.

Weak here but listenable. Sometimes below the noise.  I have them on 6974.9.
Link-11 data station on 6972.5-6974.5 most of the time after 0130 UTC, so I'm filtering out most of the LSB.

I'm digging the tunage though.

Presumed to be Nowhere Radio.

The following at 0108 UTC on 29 July, received on an SDR in the UK.


Heard since ~1900 UTC. Music then multilingual ID at 1921 UTC.
Dead air since then (1928 UTC).
Carrier finally off the air at 1938 UTC.

I'm trying my best and as suggested just ignore the the negative Twxt

Go away Charlie, we're all tired of you.

We're not looking for you to be performing on-the-job training and you've shown yourself to be less than transparent. If you can't be trusted to get basic, important details right the first time, why should we trust you now?

I, for one, would like to see more details and inspection, not less. Your attitude leaves me with the impression that you are trying to prevent inquiry and hard questioning, and it's clear that I am not alone.

Reading back through some of these posts over the past 12-18 months just now, I can tell from your statements and answers that you might not be the right person to be making transmitters for anyone but yourself. I don't get a confident feeling that you know what you are doing.

Reggae and ska music. SIO 433 on a UK SDR. No copy in Norway.

Automated ID ("Ray-de-o Jenn-ee-fur") by female in English at 0918 UTC.  Email address given.
ID again at 0926, mentioning "testing their low power transmitter." Now playing blues and 1950's rock.

1037 - Johnny Cash, "Heart of Gold"
1042 - off the air

edit by Ray : widely heard, ukdxer giving tentative ID as JT

Suddenly off the air mid-song at 1002 UTC.

ID in English with SMS number @ 0959, Radio Lowland. "We're from Holland. We are you from?"
1033 UTC - sign off

Usual stuff. SIO 333 on an SDR in the UK.

ID and website address at 0728 UTC.

Usual programming. SIO 343 on an SDR in the UK.

1925 - Announcing Radio Continental via Radio Piepzender, with a guest DJ in a few minutes. Email address looking for music requests. Announcer was wondering if "Mr. Jock" (Wilson) was listening this evening.

One thing I noticed about this station is that he has just enough 50 Hertz (either hum or residual from his power supply) on either side of his carrier to make listening with the Kiwi synchronous AM detector somewhat unpleasant because the 50 Hertz produces a "motorboating" or pulsing of the audio.

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