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No reception in Norway at 0941 UTC.

Weak signal in Norway with Motown at 0933 UTC.
0938: ID, said that they were at reduced power due to antenna problems. Into John Lennon, "So This Is Christmas". SIO 323 in Norway.

just checking on 7850, a bit low and noisy
I read 0.01 low, as usual, (so I always add 0.01 )

I prefer the Taldom station when there is a continuous carrier on 4996

CHU (and WWV) can be difficult to receive in Europe at this time of day.

In any case, I can hear WWV on this SDR and it has it at 4999.96 KHz on this receiver so -40 Hertz offset. OK. We say that this station isn't quite on 6295.000 and end it there.  ;)

someone needs to align the SDR I am using against CHU or WWV.   :D
In fact, I rounded from 6294.94 to 6294.95

Without the rounding, we are only 20 Hertz apart from each other. Very good!

on 6294.95

OK, so someone needs to align the SDR I am using against CHU or WWV.   :D
My SDR reports CHU as 7849.40 KHz (60 Hertz low) so frequency [of this station, Radio Cookoo] is more like ~6299.92 KHz. The end result is that after the offset, we are in close alignment.

On 6294.86 KHz. Actually coming in pretty well on Twente but listening on an SDR in Norway.

0844: "This is a trial version of Breakaway One." over Bruce Springsteen "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
0850 : More Bruce Springsteen?
0854 : Bonnie Tyler, "Lost in France".
0858: John Lennon, "So This is Christmas"
0910: ID. Theme song from "Top Gun".
0919: The Smiths
0920: The Talking Heads, "Once In A Lifetime"
0950: Elvis Costello, "Oliver's Army"

Actually 3939.95 KHz. Great signal in central Europe.

ID at 2130 UTC. At 2133 UTC, IDed as "Tidal Wave Radio, Mustang Radio". Announcements in English with a Dutch accent. Lots of studio feedback squeal every time he turns the microphone gain up.

Fair reception on an SDR in Germany. Poor in the UK and Austria. QRM from peskies on 6995 LSB and OTHR extending beyond 6990 KHz.

1936 - "What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?" guitar instrumental
1938 - guitar instrumental
1951 - Peskies seem to be off. Listening on USB.
1956 - guitar instrumental of "On The Boardwalk"
1957 - guitar instrumental of a Beatles song.
2004 -  guitar instrumental of Bill Joel, "Piano Man" (I think). Noting they are on 6994.89 KHz. Fading down in Germany.
2013 - signal was lost or off the air, not sure which one.

Their transmitter was off the air for a while this evening but was back on by 1935 UTC when I checked again. Continuous classic hits from the 1970/1980s.
2013 UTC - ID jingle. SIO 332 on an SDR in Norway, with some "flamethrower" QRM on the low side of their signal.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Short wave transmitter
« on: November 22, 2020, 2050 UTC »
Be careful. Note the results a few on here with his transmitters: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,67747.0.html

Greetings to listeners in English and into "Roll Over Beethoven" at 1953 UTC. Very good on an SDR in Sweden.

Very good on an SDR in Sweden at 1940 UTC.

German techno at 1951 UTC. Good signal on an SDR in Sweden.

Presumed. No ID yet but pretty good assumption. Usual programming. SINPO 32232 on an SDR in Sweden.
0759 Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell".

0740 Clear ID (2x) and into Ringo Starr, "Photograph". SINPO 22222 on an SDR in Sweden.
0748 "Take My Breath Away"
0756 "Blue Velvet". Noted that this is // this web feed: http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html

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