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Good signal on UK SDRs. Might be related to this from yesterday: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,98413.0.html

1732 - 1980s-style dance music. I have them on 6389.97 KHz.
1739 - Mission Impossible theme song
1742 - "You're listening to the best mix of music from today and yesterday." (without elaboration)
1754 - "Radio Veronica. Fun radio."
1800 - "Gloria" remake
1804 - "All your favorite music 24 hours a day"
1821 - TX off in mid-song without announcement.

When I was a young lad (maybe 12 years old), I had a 100-in-1 electronic project kit and got a bright idea.

They had a project in the accompanying book that was a simple audio amplifier. I used that amplifier to drive the LED in the kit and used the small speaker in the kit as the microphone input to the amplifier. It worked well enough and it was fun to watch the LED brightness go up and down with my voice. Later I hooked up the solar cell (or maybe the photodiode? I forget) as a detector to a second amplifier and a second speaker and I could sort of hear myself on the other speaker. It probably had the audio quality of Alexander Graham Bell's call to "Watson, come quickly. I need you." but it worked.

Thus I made a transmitter and receiver. I figured out later that this was essentially AM.

I showed it my brother but he didn't care about the details. All he wanted was a bloody QSL card. Bastard.

Tuned in at 2032, just the right time to hear "....International" then into a Motown song.
SINPO 55445 on a UK SDR.

Man of Action then close down at 2101.

They have been on the air for a while but I finally heard the ID at 2021 UTC with greetings to listeners. Listening in an SDR in Germany. SINPO 34433.

Gone when I checked back at 2102 UTC.

2147 spelled for HFU : ID Bravo Oscar Auto Eco Mike India Alpha  BOAEMIA  https://voca.ro/18zZkZyUSyyH

Agreed. Very much a German-speaker's pronunciation of "Auto" (Ow-toh), not a French-speaker's pronunciation of "Hotel" (au-tell).

2058 ID here pls read!

Transcription: "I wanted to find out what (something*) means in English, and we have been able to find out that it actually means "ice-cream maker". (Somebody) told me about it earlier and it actually means "ice-cream maker". (Laugh) I don't know why that's funny even. Anyway, the next song is called Man In the Moon by R.E.M. This is Radio Central Boaemia**"

* Sounds like (Rezonat)
** but this sounds like "Bohemia" to me.

Great signal on UK SDRs but the UTE data transmission underneath is ruining it.

Dutch schlager-type sing-along music, etc.

0002 - big gun STANAG came on 6255, taking up +/- 6 KHz and obliterating everything else.  >:(

2235 - Tuned back in. Signal is much stronger now (S9+10 dB on peaks), but their modulation is still a bit "light" (it could be stronger). Greek music. Some splatter from Radio Universe on 6310. SINPO 43334.

2240 - Dead carrier.

2244 - Carrier off.

on 6300.00
2148 talking in Greek  ...? ena ena .... ?
(much weaker than at 2028)

Ενας = "ena"

SINPO 45434 on UK SDR. (More) exact frequency is 6309.88 KHz.

2135 - Blank carrier
2138 - Pretenders
2141 - ID and email address. Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black".
2147 - "And now, another commercial-free music sweep. (Something) the shortwave bands."
2149 - The Stranglers, "No Mercy".
2151 - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, "The Message".
2154 - ID and email address, "Radio Universe, The Netherlands".
2247 - Abba

2127 UTC - Greek "Ενας. Ενας. Ενας, Δύο, Τρία, Τέσσερα, Πέντε." (Enas. Enas. Enas, Dýo, Tría, Téssera, Pénte.) with studio feedback ringing in the background. Their modulation is weaker than it should be.

This is the Greek equivalent of English, "Testing, testing, 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5".  You will hear this constantly from the Greek MW pirates, who are always testing or checking something.

2135 - Carrier off

SINPO 45444 on a UK SDR. Some hum on the audio.

Country & Western music.

1900 UTC-Frequency change from 6334.74 to 6335.75. This was just after a utility stated up on the LSB of radio clash so I think it moved to avoid interference.

Now 6337.75 as of 1907 UTC.
1911 - a couple more changes and now on 6338.75 KHz.

SINPO 34333 on a UK SDR at 1828 UTC reading listener loggings. On 6334.75 KHz.

1829 - The (English) Beat.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 6348 AM 1817 UTC 10 APR 2022
« on: April 10, 2022, 1827 UTC »
Weak on UK SDR. Listening on LSB only. Can hear a male voice.
My speculation: Echo of Hope from Asia.

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