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1739 - Rammstein song. SINPO 22333 on an SDR in Norway. I have their carrier frequency as 6289.8 KHz. Waiting for ID. There is CW on 6284 KHz.
1748 - There is another carrier on 6289.9.  :(
1751 - The orginal carrier on 6289.8 is off the air. The carrier on 6289.9 now has modulation. I guess that this was a "handoff". Rock music.
1800+ - Somebody cycling through snippets of songs on their music playlist, playing 30 seconds of each song then going onto the next one. Boring.
1817 - Cow mooing between songs.
1827 - Cow mooing again.
1835 - Cow
1839 - Announcer in Dutch-accented English: ID and close-down announcement. "Starting to get dark."
1846 - TX off the air.

(edit by Ray : split, and new subject)

Noted on several Scandinavian SDRs. I believed at the time that it was not just an image within the receiver. Programming was English-language pop music with announcements by English-speaking female. A little tough to pick out what was being said above the noise until I heard the VOA signoff announcement and Yankee Doodle Dandy clearly just before TX off the air at 2200 UTC.

I checked a couple databases and the only place that VOA was supposed to be in English just before 2200 UTC was on 15580 and (notably) 6195 KHz. So it may have been a frequency selection error at the TX site, a spur from the TX or maybe it was actually a spur within the KiwiSDR. I guess the question is whether I can hear it again in successive days and whether I hear it on 6195 or 6210 or both.

2119 - ID.

2114 - SINPO 33233 in Norway. Deep fades.

2105 - Signal is good in Norway. There is an open carrier at 5144.6 KHz.

unusually free from splash tonight

Now that Brother Stair or whoever is on as of 2100 UTC, try that again.

2005 - SINPO 34344 on an SDR in Norway.
2032 - ID and email address.
2057 - TX off the air.

I only hear Irish fishermen venting on 3938 USB.  Every other word is "fucking", or, should I say, "fookin' "

1833 - Monty Python, Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life (from The Life of Brian). SINPO 34334 on a Norwegian SDR.
1835 - Spirit In The Sky
1839 - Paul McCartney and Wings, Jet.
1843 - Occasional QRM from 6317 USB. Someone giving numbers in English separated by "hyphen". Then heard "out".
1850 - ID "Good evening. This is Radio 102 with a low-power test, only 5 Watts."
1933 - Duran, Duran, Rio. Their signal is pretty good across Europe considering the low power. Steady with little fading.
2056 - Signal is fading down quickly. Just barely above noise level as I type this.

Presumed. Usual programming.

edit by Ray : wrong date, not 28 March, already 29 March in UTC

0640 - Some sort of long poem in English with piano accompaniment . (Sounds a bit like Bob Dylan but not gravel and stoned enough.) Lots of spatter from 6205.
0653 - ID and email address. SINPO 22332 on an SDR in Norway.
0714 - Completely overridden by splatter from LHH on 6205. I have to listen on USB.

Presumed to be Radio Harmony

0837 - Old-Time Rock and Roll. However, this isn't Harmony's usual type of song.
0838 - Ahhh...the world is back to normal. They are playing some sort of show tune.

ID at 0833 UTC. Weak in northern Italy.

Presumed to be Merlin.

Good signal on an SDR in northern Italy but some background noise.

Good signal on an SDR in northern Italy. ID at 0827.

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