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Presumed to be Merlin.

Good signal on an SDR in northern Italy but some background noise.

Good signal on an SDR in northern Italy. ID at 0827.

2041 - What sounds like an ID and email address but too weak to really understand it. Sounds like UK accented English.
2045 - Big Country. ID. Radio Merlin Amigo International.
2053 - Bad Company
2056 - AC/DC, Whole Lotta Rosie. Just fading up enough and often enough to know what the song is.
2106 - 3905.82 KHz

1850 - Sounds like a Verve song. SINPO 34233 with a lot of noise on an SDR in northern Italy.
1857 - Potentially a signoff announcement?
1907 - ID by the usual female announcer.
1909 - Fade out, roughly coinciding with sundown.
2010 - Faded up for a bit around this time but then quickly back down into the noise.

I heard this even earlier at ~0730 UTC.

1910 - Still a good signal in northern Italy. SINPO 45444 with some deep fading.

Assuming this is the same thing that I am hearing now:

I have them on 6318 KHz AM. SINPO 44444 on an SDR in northern Italy at 1845 UTC.
1847 - Don't You Want Me?
1850 - "This is WKOS. Whiskey Kilo Oscar Sierra."
1853 - Faded down and has remained barely above the noise floor, roughly coinciding with sundown.

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(split, probably not the same station, and subject edited by Ray)

Vodka Anushka !!!

I had to look around for this since this is not something I know. I guess you must mean this: https://geizhals.de/artemi-aniuska-vodka-caramelo-700ml-a1672193.html

don't get Covid, drink Anushka

I'm doing my best, Kris.

Help me out. I do not know what Anushka is, other than a first name for females in India.

BTW, where in the world are you stuck on these pandemic times ?

I am like little seeds. I take root where the wind takes me.

2005 SIO 444 only arabic prayer

It's Algeria's Qur'an service.

Have you heard an ID or some Brasilian or pop music ?

Until Issoudun came on, yes, I was hearing what I would consider to be Brazilian music.

Weak with rapid flutter (aurora?) on a Norwegian SDR at 1935 UTC. No reception in Austria, as far as I can tell.
1942 - ID sung by many female voices.
2000 - Algeria, via Issoudun, France, has now overtaken the frequency with 500 kiloWatts.  :(

Radio Merlin has a new address for our stream https://radiomerlin.radio12345.com/ and
https://merlininternational.radio12345.com/.The old ones just stopped working .10AM BST Sunday we have the Spanish connection show hope you like it

Your second link got mangled in the HTML script. I'm going to fix it here: https://merlininternational.radio12345.com/

I hear just an open carrier with no modulation at 1935 UTC. The stream has audio at this time, for what it is worth.

SINPO 33232 on a Norwegian SDR at 1934 UTC.

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