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0904 - German hip hop.
0905 - "This is your favorite radio station." between songs and then another German song.

Very good reception in Northern Italy, SINPO 44454. Not quite as good in Sweden, 34344.

0913 - ID

A lot of local noise on the Swedish SDR on this band. Would be better reception without it. Almost no signal in Northern Italy.

0850 - Celine Dion, I'm Your Lady

SINPO 34233 on an SDR

0840 - Eric Burdon and The Animals, San Franciscan Nights
0843 - The Byrds, Eight Miles High
0846 - ID and email address.

Good signal in Northern Italy. Some QRM from Laser HH on 6205 KHz.  Perhaps this is King Shortwave?

0828 - A twangy Country and Western song.
0832 - More C&W
0837 - 9 to 5
0900 - ID

Fair signal on SDR in Sweden. Playing Oldies. Maybe this is Radio 102?

0815 - Working In A Coalmine
0835 - Spanish Harlem

In a comparison of the time period from March 5-13, 2020, to the same days in 2019, the number of persons signing up for amateur radio license courses on HamRadioPrep.com has soared more than 700% since news of the coronavirus outbreak dominated headlines.

They've gone from 1 student to 8. Throw a party!

General Radio Discussion / Re: Radio during and post pandemic
« on: March 21, 2020, 0921 UTC »
Methinks some corporate owners are noticing these broadcasting adjustments and could eventually require on air talent to have their own home studio set up

Among the many changes I expect we will see, are things like this. A lot more de-centralization in everything, not just radio.

0851 - Toto, Africa. Fair signal on an SDR in Norway. SINPOI 32233.

Undermodulated. Some splatter interference from Laser Hot Hits on 6205/ An eclectic mix of music.

0900 - Missed the ID because I was out of the listening room. Into song from The Beatles. Signal is better in Austria than in Scandinavia.
0914 - Bee Bop Deluxe, Ships In The Night. (I bet that I'm the only listener that knows this song!)
0918 - Canned ID but missed it.
0930 - Elvis Costello
0935 - ID and got it this time.

Presumed, due the frequency.

0839 - Wings, Baby I'm Amazed

0836-0837 ID "from the north of The Netherlands. I have a little cold but everything is OK."

They might be are back as of 2240 UTC.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: Kiwi SDRs
« on: March 13, 2020, 2227 UTC »
Why is it these SDRs have time limits.

Some are even shorter than 30 minutes. The one near Athens, Greece has a 15-minute timeout and also a limit on usage over 24 hours. ASK ME HOW I KNOW THIS.  :D

Some cease to be active after so long.

and some will freeze up with no warning. You can then click over to the users tab and see if there were 4 users when it froze. They don't tend to become unfrozen so you end up refreshing the page. And if there are a lot of people looking for a "seat" on the receiver, you might then lose your place when you refresh it because someone else will slip in and take your spot.

C'est la vie.

Pretty good signal on a Norwegian SDR and bad on a Swedish SDR at 2217 UTC. Propagation, polarization and antennas do interesting things.

edit : ID from the recording thanks to KaySeeks

Merci beaucoup, Ray.

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