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Pretty good signal on a Norwegian SDR and bad on a Swedish SDR at 2217 UTC. Propagation, polarization and antennas do interesting things.

edit : ID from the recording thanks to KaySeeks

Merci beaucoup, Ray.

Noted on my waterfall a few seconds after they started up. English-vocal pop. SINPO 44444 on an SDR in Norway.
2120 - "Whiskey Kilo Oscar Sierra. This is WKOS, chaos radio. From the middle of nowhere."
Continuous dance/house music.

2204 - fading.
2210 - TX off the air.

There is a signal on 6280 with similar programming (sort of) as of 2240 UTC. Waiting for ID.

2250 - ID.
2322 - ID and email address.
2333 - TX off again.

SINPO 44344 on an SDR in Norway at 2031 UTC.
I have the frequency as 6275.62 KHz.
Accordian/oom-pah-pah/schlager-type music with German lyrics.

2033 - ID in English but missed the name, damn it.
2040 - Between last update and now, this signal went through a complete fade out everywhere that I have checked.

I have a recording of the ID but trying to decode the name: "On shortwave, you are listening to Radio _______".
Here is a link to a recording of the ID. If anyone can decipher, please speak up:  https://voca.ro/3JN7K3SBuXu

"The durian capacitor is the best and everything else stinks!"

SINPO 43343 on an SDR in Austria.

60's music.
0951 - Computerized email address but too garbled to understand. _____ @ gmx.net.
Station is getting hammered by data transmissions underneath.
1000 - ID and address: BZNradio AT gmx.net

0930 - The Beatles, Hey Jude
0933 - ID but a burst of OTHR blew away part of it. "____ Radio International". Into Cheap Trick, I Want You To Want Me.
0939 - Computerized voice ID but still missing the first part. "Cardio Radio International"?
0941 - "Gunnier Radio International"?
0946 - "You're tuned to the broadcasts of Premier Radio International". I feel stupid now. I should have known.  Into Man of Action.
0948 - TX off the air.

0920 - SINPO 34333 on an SDR in Norway.

Usual programming. SINPO 55555 on an SDR in Austria.

English-speaking pop. SINPO 53454 on an SDR in Norway.

0739 - ID "Radio One-Zero-Two". Email address: ____ @ ziggo.nl   I have them at 6284.93 KHz with some occasional OTHR.
0742 - "Ok the website is radio102.nl". "Low-power station from the north of the Netherlands."
0834 - Signing off  "soon".
0908 - actual TX off with Bugs Bunny "That's All Folks".

I don't know but they may have been on the air all night.

Best reception currently in southern Europe or Scandinavia but it's spotty.

I saw the Defecating Vultures at a punk club in Pasadena, CA, back in the 80s. They sounded like crap.

I'm pinning a lot of hope on the scientifically proven fact that if you made at least one trip into the bathroom of a punk club and lived to talk about it then you have immunity to COVID-19.

1956 - SINPO 33333 on an SDR in Norway.
1957 - TX off the air?
2006 - TX still there. Reception has improved.

1952 - "Check Check" over Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb. SINPO 43344 on an SDR in Norway.
2005- ID
2018 - telephone number and email address given

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