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Serbian music (distinctive from Greek music) and occasional announcements between songs.
What sounded like a commercial advert at 1850 UTC with the telephone number of a business given.
Carrier frequency makes jerky 500 Hz shifts every 20 seconds or so.

ID at 1823 UTC. Signal is better in Scandinavia than in Central Europe.

I am jumping between SDRs in Central Europe and Scandinavia now and their signal is much better in Scandinavia. SINPO 44344 on an SDR in Denmark at 1821 UTC.

Lazy Bones at 1820 UTC  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazybones_(song)

Tune in at 1815 UTC immediately before ID. Usual programming.

Good signal on SDRs in Austria, Hungary and Central Europe in general at 1802 UTC. Signal improved after 1800 UTC and overcoming the QRM from 6280 KHz.
I Fought The Law at 1802 UTC.
Sign off announcement at 1811 UTC.
TX off at 1813 UTC.

Cheers Johnny!

Thanks RH.

Also, answering my own question: if you look under the red rectangle label item #4, you can see "LOW" and "FULL" positions in the PCB silkscreen.

Question for anyone who has used the Droking amplifer modules:

They are meant to drive subwoofers, which implies an LPF is involved, perhaps on the front end. From the photo on the website and the reviews, it seems like it could be used as a "regular" audio amplifier (for frequencies greater than 50 Hz, for example). Is that what the tritone switch setting allows? I'm seeking regular low frequency (arbitrary low cutoff) to >5 KHz audio response.

Thanks in advance.

The name means "The White Tornado and Lady".
Typical Dutch MW schlager music with ID and telephone number in Dutch and English (the latter at 2041 and 2055 UTC).
S9+20 dB on Twente, SINPO 33444 on an SDR in Sweden.

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Witte-Tornado-and-Lady-189590811116966/

Classical music. Ode to Joy at 1819 UTC. Perhaps someone is cheesed off over Brexit? (Not like there aren't any.)

Can hear the operator's Windows 10 error tones coming in over the music occasionally. SINPO 33333 on SDRs in Sweden and Austria.

ID from dandan below. Thanks!

1008 - I can hear bits of Heart, Barracuda just above the noise with perhaps some speech on top of it.
1009 - I switched to an SDR in Austria and reception is better.
1011 - ID in English by Dutch-accented male then announcements in Dutch.

No indication of a signal here from 1002 UTC onward.

I checked a few SDRs around Europe and hear nothing on this frequency at 1003 UTC.

0955 - Fiction Factory, Feels Like Heaven.
0958 - Professional-sounding ID, into Dione Warwick, Walk On By. SINPO 35433 on an SDR in Sweden.

ID just above the noise at 0955 UTC. SINPO 25211 on an SDR in Sweden.

0954 - still crooners. SINPO 35333 on an SDR in Sweden.

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