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Clear ID and announcements by UK-accented male at 2031. Signal S9+20 on Twente.
2033 - The Rolling Stones, Paint It Black.
2228 - TX off the air.

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID NL 1635 AM 1840 UTC 26 January 2020
« on: January 26, 2020, 1852 UTC »
Typical Dutch schlager music with accordion played by Dutch MW pirates. Talk over the music occasionally in Dutch, wishing good evening, etc.

Incredible signal strength: S9+15 in Sweden but only S9 on Twente.

Typical Greek style: man speaking in Greek, over a bed Greek folk music. Short transmissions, waiting for another operator to pick up.

S9+10 on SDR near Athens. Very listenable on an SDR in Sweden, S7.

Presumed to be Dutch. Rock music with a lot of metal 🤘.
Excellent signal in Sweden: S9+10 and of course, S9+35 on Twente.
Van Halen, Jump at 1812 UTC.
ID at 1929 UTC but a little too fast for me.
Clear ID heard at 2000 UTC, confirmed via Twente chat.
2009 - "Fats Domino then The Final Countdown then we are closing down."
2012 - ID in English and greetings to a listener in Sweden then into The Final Countdown.
2020 - TX off.

Tuned in just in time for the closing down announcement over Man of Action. TX off at 0904 UTC.

Weak in Switzerland and Sweden at 0855 UTC.

ID and then into a melody of Electric Light Orchestra songs at 0853.

0830 Octopus's garden by The Beatles

0833 ID

More Beatles at 0851. Strong QRM from 6205 KHz.

Fair to good signal in Sweden. SINPO 34333.

English male vocals at 0845 UTC.

What is up with the 41 meter usage? Am I listening to North American stations?  :)

Rock music. Overmodulated, mushy audio. Good signal in Sweden though, SINPO 43343. No copy in Switzerland. Listenable on the Wrexham, UK SDR at the moment.

ID and email address at 0822 UTC but the signal was going through a fade. I am listening to a recording of it over and over again trying to pick out the ID.
TX off at 0835. Finally got the ID just before signoff.

Dutch offshore station recordings. Good signal on a Swedish SDR.
The Village People at 0840 UTC.

edit by Ray : relayer ID

I did not know that they started the broadcast day so early but it seems that today they have done so.

The usual programming. Excellent signal on an SDR in Czechia at this time; SINPO 55545.

Equipment / Re: MW/MF beacon antennas
« on: January 21, 2020, 0212 UTC »
You are asking to tune the inductor instead of a capacitor. One way to do this inexpensively is to use what is called a "wandering lead". See the yellow wire with the alligator clip on the end of it in the photo I have linked to. Essentially you will tune the inductance by choosing the tap point on the inductor.


Surely there will be no rise in monopolies because of these shenanigans.

Surely. Because unrestrained, unregulated capitalism never goes in that direction. Nah. It just doesn't happen.


Load up the tower with 50 kW MW. I wonder if that would heat them up enough to be uncomfortable?

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