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2230 onward - Various pop songs over The Buzzer. Much stronger than The Buzzer on UK SDRs.

TX off at around 2007 UTC.

Peskies / French Speaking Freebanders 6660 KHz USB 2030 UTC
« on: March 25, 2022, 2043 UTC »
I wasn't aware that the French freebanders are also operating in the 6600-6800 KHz area until I saw this: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,94862.msg301951.html#msg301951

In any case, I'm listening to somebody playing English-language blues music for some others. The others are replying with positive comments: "Putain, Zee Zee Tawp. C'est excellente!" (" Shit, Z Z Top is excellent.") Things like that. Another comes in over the top of the music with his own guitar trying to play the same tune in sync with the original tune.

2050 - "Hoochie-Coochie Man", played by request.

This is on a UK SDR.

I have them on 6275.98 KHz.
Better reception on the Weston-Super-Mare (UK) SDR than Switzerland.
SINPO 34333 in Weston.
1950-1960's tunes.

1913 UTC - ID "One, two, three. This is Misti Radio." Reception improving. S9+10 dB on peaks.
1915 UTC - TX off.

Tuned into hear Johnny's melodious voice speaking Dutch over a C&W tune.
Good reception with moderate fading but S9+5 dB on peaks, SINPO 55445 on an SDR in Switzerland.

1813 - Louis Prima, "Buona Sera Signorina"
1817 - C&W. Johnny Cash?
1831 - TX off

Different station on air at 1839

Dutch-speaking with dance music. I presume Radio Joey.

on 6265.85
1826 unk. IS

1831 - Swiss Radio International interval signal.

Very strong in Switzerland, S9+10, SINPO 55455.
He will close down around 1830 UTC.

Transmission started on 6238 then QSY about 1-2 minutes later to 6239.
S9+10, SINPO 54444 on an SDR in Switzerland.

1728 - Polka
1732 - C&W
1734 - Johnny Tobacco coughing?
1733 - Johnny Cash song
1738 - Johnny Cash song.
1742 - TX off without ID.

Lowland came on after Ronalisa closed down on the same frequency at ~1632 UTC. Since Lowland was on earlier, I guess that they are trading the frequency.

1628 - ID in English with live announcements thanking listeners. SINPO 34333 on a Swiss SDR.
1630 - Johnny Cash under Dutch announcements.
1632 - TX Off.
1633 - Another TX came on, slightly stronger signal with more C&W music.

edit by Ray :
seems that R. Lowland came back at 1633-1641 approx.

Hearing this on multiple Web SDRs. in Ireland, UK and the Netherlands. Dutch-speaking male announcer between songs, which are mostly English 1960s-70s pop.

I was thinking that it may be the 5th harmonic of 774 but nothing registered in NL/BE for that frequency on the lists that I have and I can't hear the same programming on that frequency on any receiver that I have checked.

2020 UTC - announcements have changed to American English "Car Radio 93" and "93 KHK" or "93 KAJ"with traffic announcements for the Los Angeles, California area ("car fire on the San Bernadino Freeway...").  ::)

2033 UTC - ID for "Marine Broadcasting on Shortwave".

Currently two stations playing Greek music in a frequency range usually populated by French freebanders. Note that the Greek stations are in LSB while the French stations are in USB.

3455 LSB
3465 LSB

Loud on an SDR in Switzerland, with Heart, "Barracuda" at 2027 UTC.
2040 UTC - SSTV

2025 UTC - Slavic music

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