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Not hearing at 1850 UTC in an SDR in Germany. No sign of a signal in 5130-5145 KHz.

Clandestine Stations / Re: UNID Hungarian 6220 AM 1458 UTC 20 Nov 2019
« on: November 21, 2019, 1854 UTC »
Can hear now (1852 UTC, 21 Nov) with STANAG (which could be considered jamming, depending upon the source) underneath on in SDR in Germany. Language sounds like Farsi to me but I will try to get my Farsi-speaking friend to verify.

Spandau Ballet "True" at 1817.
ID and email address at 1818 UTC. SINPO 33333 on SDR in Germany.
1835 - Signal is gradually fading down. Copy is now very difficult and I'm going off to other things that "need" my attention.

I'm short of QSO kindness for today

I'm sorry to hear that. :( Perhaps a glass of wine or Calvados would cheer you up?  :D

ID 1108 UTC but I missed it. QRM from a carrier on 6230 and STANAG on 6235-6 makes the need for filtering. Dance/electronic music.
1116 ID with computerized voice (still missed it) then SSTV. I'm stuck using a bad speaker for now so tough to get the name.
1130 ID again and Terry is right. "Radio Illegal" for sure but not sure about the "Europe" part of it, but I will go with "Shortwave" instead.

OK, so now I'm really confused because I just heard somebody sign off and TX off at 1100 and they seemed to be saying that they were Radio Zeewolf and Radio RonaLisa or at least they were thanking listeners for listening to both.

But back on the air at 1045. Greetings to listeners in Dutch and English.

Came on right aftr Mona Lisa/Rona lisa signedoff. Announcements in Dutch with The Cult's "Sanctuary" in the background.

maybe Radio Ronalisa ?

Could be. Could be.

1048 - Operator of Radio Zeewolf is making of mentions of being in QSO with Rona Lisa.

Sign-off announcement at 1034 UTC. TX off at 1037 UTC.

0947 - "Charleston Radio International brings you the Roaring Twenties. We broadcast on five thousand one hundred forty kilocycles in the fifty-eight metre (?) band."

Not too bad in northern Italy at 0945 UTC. SINPO 43333.

SINPO 33232 in northern Italy at 0945

0850 - Good reception. SINPO 34343 in southern Germany. Announcements in Dutch.
0851 - "Deltracks special request from Danny." Some Scandinavian peskie QRM at 6315 KHz.

0847 - "Sexy Thing"
0849 - "Love Is The Drug". S9+10 with no fading in southern Germany. Beautiful signal and reception.

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