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1924 - "A world of beautiful music on shortwave, This is Harmony." Into "Lily Marlene" auf Deutsch. SINPO 55455 on an SDR in Austria.

ABBA and ABBA-like music.

1840 - Someone dumped a carrier right on top of this station, not quite zero beat.
1842 - "Hello everybody. Hello Europe. Hello USA. This is Misti Radio from the northwest part of the Netherlands" over music.
1843 - Interference continues with occasional blasts of modulation on it, wiping out Misti.
1844 - Interference is gone. Signal is great in Austria. Conversely, its poor on the UK SDR I tried and sucks on Twente.
1850 - Signal abruptly off mid-song.  :(
1856 - Signal back on but significantly weaker. ID "This is Mis-tee Radio. Hello!"
1904 - ID, announcements and some fumbling around in the studio.
1907 - Their signal appears to be best to the south east of NL; very poor in Scandinavia, PL, Eire, UK.
1916 - Closing down announcement and immediately off the air. Thanked listeners for all the reception reports. Said he might be back tomorrow morning. Not sure.

1830 - "That's What Friends Are For". SINPO 32233 on an SDR in Austria. Noisy, not completely pleasurable listening.

Reggae music (SURPRISE!  :D ) . First heard on 3920 then started drifting up in frequency.

2126 at 3921.14 KHz.
2127 ID and email address between songs. Best reception in central Europe.
2145 "Your radio is set to Reggae Radio. Send your reception reports to ..."
2153 ID
2202 TX off.

The RF Workbench / Re: Stretchyman 40w GaN TX is sick
« on: October 23, 2019, 2025 UTC »
These modern transmitters have a lot in common with switching supplies...both operate in switch mode (class D or E) and the waveforms feeding the power devices have to be right or the smoke comes out.  I too spent a few years working on SMPS's exclusively and the first thing you did before bringing up the mains was testing the drive waveforms.  If they don't look right, your mosfets won't last long...
Its not like the tube days when you could swap a tube or two and see what happens.  More often than not in solid state, you're greeted with pops, bangs, and puffs of smoke.

I'm in violent agreement with the above.

0645 ID just as I tuned in.
0650 ID again. Lots of African music, or African-inspired anyway.

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 6255 AM 2035 UTC 08 Oct 2019
« on: October 08, 2019, 2049 UTC »
Heard on several SDRs in central Europe so unlikely to be a spur.

Male and female announcers in Japanese (definitely not Chinese and does not seem to be Korean to my ear). Does not seem to be // to anything else on 49 meters, especially NHK in Japanese on 6010 or VOA in Korean on 5875.

I will listen for ID at the top of the hour but that's all I will do. I'm too lazy to do more research on what this might be. My guess is that it's just an error at the TX site and it will not be there tomorrow night.

Seems to have changed to Korean at 2100. I did not recognize the interval signal.

0914 - Weak signal in northern Italy but I can hear music. SINPO 22232.

0846 - Weak with "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". SINPO 24223 in Norway with slow fading typical of this time of day on this frequency.
0850 - Faded down to just a few dB above the noise floor. Recognize the 1980's song but can't hear enough to tell you what it is.
0854 - Better reception in northern Italy. SINPO 33343.
0856 - ID, "Deltracks classic rock station. Do you remember where you were in 1984?" ME: Yes, I do.
0900 - The Beatles, "I Want to Hold Your Hand".
0902 - "Your music is your choice. .... (Something about requests on Friday night.) Here are the top 5 requested songs." Into a crooner song.
0910 - ID and into Kraftwerk, "Autobahn".

0843 - ID then into Mike and the Mechanics, "All I Need is a Miracle". SINPO 33333 in Norway.

Propagation / Re: Here's our pre geomagnetic storm foF2/MUF boost
« on: September 28, 2019, 1749 UTC »
Looks like f0F2 at Wallops Island was > 6 MHz for a good part of yesterday's daytime on NAm east coast.

Today though: < 4 MHz.  :(

1712 - "(Are You Going to) The Tea Party?" Frequency is 6322.44 KHz.
1713 - Advert for HF Underground forums and FreeRadioCafe.com. SINPO 43343 on an SDR in Norway.
1737 - Recognize the usual announcer's voice. SINPO 44444 currently. A bit of 50/100 Hz hum on the audio, but not horrible.
1739 - "Spaceman".

I must depart. Cheers!

1706 - "Celebrate". SINPO 35344 on an SDR in Norway.
1725 - ABC, "Look of Love".
1727 - ID with "Man of Action".
1729 - TX off the air.

Relay of a Dutch or Flemish online or FM radio station, complete with adverts. 6269.94 KHz.

1700 - SINPO 43343 on SDR in Norway. Waiting for an "ID".

So it's tuned for 3.9 MHz or so?

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