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2020 UTC - On 6954.88 KHz. SINPO 45454, S9 on an SDR in Austria.

The bass is a bit muddy and distorted but otherwise all else sounds good in central Europe.

2050 UTC - The distortion may better, though it depends upon the music material, of course.
2104 UTC - Rolling Stones, "Angie".
2216 UTC - Op ID in English.
2229 UTC - Op talk over John Lennon (?) song. Op will listen on this frequency after his TX off. (This is the way that Greek MW pirates do their transmissions.)
2240 UTC - Close down soon. Op will listen on this frequency after close down. Will be on again tomorrow.
2242 UTC - TX Off.

This is also online at mixlr. Signal is SINPO 66666 there.

Impressive reception!  ;D

1956 Pink Floyd, Money.

I did some looking around with various Kiwis (1930 UTC). Best reception that I was able to find (in order of worst to best): Weston-Super-Mare (UK), HB9EXC (western Switzerland), and linkz kiwi2 (southeast of Lyon, French Alps). Reception on linkz2 is by far the best, the other two aren't even close to it. Otherwise, reception in various parts of Europe appears to be non-existent.

Strong on Weston-Super-Mare. Assumed Confirmed to be Zenith Classic Rock.

1943 - AC/DC
1959 - ID

SIO 333 on the Weston-Super-Mare (UK) SDR.

2058 - hip hop

2118 - same audio heard weakly on K3FEF SDR in northeastern Pennsylvania.
2124 - same audio heard weakly on W1NT SDR in New Hampshire with 500 foot/152 meter beverage antenna pointed at Europe.
Signal is a lot stronger in Weston than anything tried on the east coast of North America.
2128 - brief announcement (no copy) after song then TX off the air.

SIO 444 on a UK SDR at 1815 UTC. Country & Western music.

I stated listening around 1700 UTC and still there at 1815 UTC. SIO 333 on a UK SDR.

SIO 222 on a UK SDR. I have them at 6204.925, for what it is worth.

1750 - Bryan Adams
1758 - 1801 - ID, e-mail and greetings to listeners by Dutch-accented male. QTH is the Netherlands. Test transmission.
1801 - Knock on Wood
1810 - Signal slowly fading out. I can hear music and announcements but not very enjoyable listening.

I am out.

I'm not sure of the spelling of the name of the station. SIO 333 on UK SDRs. Audio is a bit overmodulated and the bass notes are a bit rough. FIXED

1903 - ID with some talk about the setup. Said the antenna is low but promises to raise it.
1912 - Elvis Presley
1941 - Closing down soon

Of course, the band has "gone long" by now and only lightly heard in NW Ireland at 1851 UTC. SINPO 44444 in Iceland at this time.
1903 - Very listenable on the W1NT kiwiSDR in New Hampshire with a 500 foot long Beverage antenna pointed at Europe. SINPO 35343.

SINPO 44454 in NW Ireland at 1842 UTC. Discussion of podcasts and internet radio.

Weak music heard in NW Ireland. TX off at 1836.

Scant details on this one. I was listening for a while, became distracted, retuned to 6275, rechecked at 1830 and it was gone. SIO 343.

1455z My dear acquaintance / Regina Spektor

Repeated at 1818 UTC.

Christmas Tonight / Hillary Scott at 1823
Female announcer with an Irish accent.

SINPO 55555 / S9+40 dB signal strength with zero variation (groundwave) on the NW Ireland SDR.

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