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SINPO 44444 on Weston-Super-Mare at 2104 UTC. ID at 2105 into The Cult, "She Sells Santuary". Said "closing down soon" at the same time.

Just happened to tune in a the same time as you. SIO 555 on UK SDRs. ID at 2036.

2044 - signal is barely above the noise.  :(

Western pop.
I have them on 6245 at 1740 UTC. Same program is // on 6350, which strongly implies Korean.
1746 - Heard an announcement between songs by a male speaking Korean.

Listening on an SDR in UK. Johnny Tobacco testing a brand new audio system. Mentions of Mr. Ray Lalleu. Not sure if he is on top of another station.

JT telling us to not listen (because he is testing and trying different things), so I am "not listening".  ;D

2141 JT speaking in Dutch.

Johnny - your audio seems OK but it depends on what you want.

2153 - Johnny telling us that he is still testing his audio, not satisfied but good enough for now. Said he is using close to 1 kiloWatt TX power. Thanking all of us for comments.  Closing down for a while.

20:03 ID Radio Gazprom dj Provocator


Listening on an SDR in Switzerland. Excellent reception. SIO 555.

As Ray noted, before 2000, several songs with mentions of Ukraine.
ID 2x at ~2003 UTC. One was recorded.


"Слышите Радио ГазПром....сейчас (...) Правокатор на Радио ГазПромe"
"You are hearing Radio GazProm...Now (something)... Provocateur on Radio GazProm"

(Interesting to name your station after a giant petrol-chemical company.  :) )

2010 - Slavic song with some French female vocals.

Close down at or before 2102.

Listening via SDR in UK.

2115 - Announcer is using audio processor to make his voice high-pitched and squeaky - but not sped-up - like he breathed in helium. Email address: studio AT radioscooby DOT com .

2200 - Still on the air. Replay of a recording of a Country and Western program from Radio Northsea International, mentions of this being a Saturday night program.

2203 UTC - Roy Droski (spelling?), Ring of Fire.

Slavic rock

Recording of an announcement between songs at ~1904:   https://voca.ro/1iwo4AifI3MB

Fading out by 1915 UTC but hearing the Russian national anthem (with speech over the music) at 20181918.

last edit by KaySeeks at 1918
edit by Ray : I got the ID at 1916 (see below), so I place it instead of UNID in the subject

1815 - SINPO 55555 on an SDR in Sweden. My Russian comprehension is poor now but I recognized mentions of "Radio Hooligans".
1820 - mentions of "Roman Polanski's films"

Listening on an Airspy SDR in Sweden. SIO 444.

Continuous German language schlager music.

1825 - I checked back to this and the signal level has dropped significantly. Now playing techno/dance music. Wonder if it's a different station.

I heard an ID in Russian/Slavic language between songs at ~2045: "Радио станция ..." ("Radio stantsiya...") but missed the actual name. Mixture of pop and quasi-metal music.

Listening on an SDR in northern Germany. Audio is 5 KHz wide.

ID and talk between songs at 2059 UTC here: https://voca.ro/12NGhU5n5XAC

And at 2105 (started the recording late so missed the ID): https://voca.ro/1oxWPjM3pXob (ending in "paka", which is usually translated as "bye" in English)

ID and email address at 1710 UTC. Noting some FMing on his signal that distorts the audio (I've heard this before). Very noticeable with a synchronous detector.

SIO 555 on an SDR in northern Germany.
Electronic dance music.

1725 - ID in Dutch and acknowledging listeners.
1729 - Massive signal drop in the space of 60 seconds on my SDR in Germany as we pass sunset at the RX. I'm a bit shocked by how fast this happened.
1734 - I switched to an SDR in Ireland and signal is great, SIO 555.

Is Radio Caroline North a pirate station ? No
Is Radio Caroline North a licenced station ? No!
Is Radio Caroline North an illegal station? No !
Radio Caroline North is a fake station,
pretending to be from the Ross Revenge, a fake radio ship.

I tuned in at 1657 to hear more of this relay. Good signal in northern Germany.
King Shortwave ID and email address at 1703.

Buried under utility QRM in northern Germany at 1640 UTC but carrier still visible on the waterfall.

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