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Shortwave Broadcast / 15555 LSB...why?
« on: May 07, 2018, 1429 UTC »
Okay it's 14:26z and here I am listening to this preacher guy on 15555 KHz LSB.

Why? Why does this station broadcast on SSB? He's an evangelist...why would he evangelize only on SSB? Seems like he's limiting his audience

Hi guys I copied •Radio Munansi• this afternoon (Sunday May 6) 15240 KHz roughly around 19:00z...I wasn't watching the clock but just about that same time period, MDK2. Anyway I had gr8 copy here and not for the first time; I've copied them several times. I am in Hancock MI on Quincy Hill.

I like the sound of that Luganda(?) language!

Utility / Re: what are the 'WLO' beacons?
« on: May 04, 2018, 1410 UTC »
well cool buddy thnx cuz they've been driving me crazy! ..."channel idle marker", eh? Well, they are certainly idle as hell! :-D

Thnx for the help I like you guys a lot

Utility / what are the 'WLO' beacons?
« on: April 30, 2018, 1243 UTC »
Hey guys I'm new this is my 2nd post; this site is so big I'm sure I could dig around and find the answer to this question but...what's up w the 'WLO' beacons? Idk Morse code. I'm learning. But these beacons are SO slow...I think they say 'WLO'? Am I correct? Why? And what for? Hmm :-)

12582 LSB
16810 LSB
6420 LSB

there are probly more idk

Utility / Re: 6739 USB...EAM?
« on: April 24, 2018, 2224 UTC »
alright Token I just simply didn't realize how frequent these transmissions are. I understand the msg is indecipherable and may be just for testing.
But! Check this out! I heard the (now familiar) USAF HFGCS for the first time about...well it was probly 2016...I kno it was October. I only had the Kaito then, and I heard them on

9940 KHz LSB (could've been USB but I wrote down LSB so that's probly accurate)

I swear it was them...I remember the guy kept saying "NOVEMBER DELTA TANGO. THANK YOU. THANK YOU MA'AM. NOVEMBER DELTA. THANK YOU. THANK YOU MA'AM" :-D

but 9940 isn't included in the list you gave me MDK2 (which was awesome,  thanx!). So...are you aware of that? I only heard it once @ that freq...but I kept checking back and they always had a beacon going for awhile. Do you guys kno what's up w that?

And yeah, as far as gauging world events thru numbers transmissions...all I kno is, the Cuban Lady...well geez there's not enough Cubans in the world to receive those msgs! If I were running a #s station, I'd send out dummy msgs all the time. I'd also transmit in different languages. So the way I see it, some of those MUST...some MUST be for Russians, or Chinese...cuz all you gotta learn is how to count to 10 en Español, and u can get the msg! Now...I did notice after the re-embargo...man those msgs have gotten longer! I kno it's probly coincidence or even merely my impression.

So, what's up w 9940 KHz?  Plz take my word for it I'm SURE I heard it ONCE and then only beacons for awhile. I kno bcuz I wrote it down. I like the EAM stuff; I did not know they transmit so regularly :-)

Utility / Re: 6739 USB...EAM?
« on: April 23, 2018, 2102 UTC »
Oh cool thanx MDK2...I've only been into SW for a cpl yrs. My dad did "important" reseach about class E amplifiers in the 1980s so most of what I kno is informally taught by him (WA8MAM)
Wow I didn't realize the "HFGCS" was on SW...I figured like it was ultra-high freq digital shit. I didn't kno that's what I was hearing on 6739 :-)

Btw I am in Upper Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula. I seem to get best overall reception on Quincy Hill in Hancock MI :-) THNX for the help guys. I LOVE this site!

Utility / 6739 USB...EAM?
« on: April 23, 2018, 1450 UTC »
Hey guys I'm new and this is my first post. I'm sorry if i'm posting this in yhe wrong place...
Well I enjoyed listening to the EAM stuff that was goin on a cpl mnths ago...and just now,  at approx 14:40z...I was scanning thru that band and I think I caught the tail end of another EAM transmission. I stopped @ 6740 and I heard SSB but before I could tune that in, transmission ended.

But I think I heard a guy reading phonetics. Like they do. Eh? Whaddya think?

Im using •Grundig Satellit 750•...also have a •Kaito 1103•

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