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General Radio Discussion / Do they...
« on: September 02, 2018, 1613 UTC »
...teach kids how to solder any more?

Equipment / Re: No DMR around? Roll your own!
« on: September 02, 2018, 1339 UTC »
Same way you generate SSB with a sound card because DRM is SSB.
Search for "sound card ssb modulator" or "i and q phasing modulator".
You gonna build one?


C'mon Josh, don't troll the Dood!

Go to the line that says:

"But like Pizzagate, those kind of facts donít matter to those who want to spread this story."

and read it over and over until you understand it!

I know all about how the commercial guys do it. Worked for a place that made and installed UHF TV transmitters. Is it me or is management all right-wing dick-heads in those places? Anyway, I'm only talking about hobby/pirate stuff.

BTW When I first heard about Cree I thought it would be a good place to invest.

Not Class D, that's like Switch Mode Power Supplys. You don't troubleshoot SMPSs with the power on. You just replace all the bad components and power it up. If you miss any then you do it again. All you need is a Huntron Tracker.

I see no need to measure voltage in a circuit like that. It's going to be about 1.4 X the RMS line voltage. I can see wanting to know the current when first testing it. After that temperature, forward and reverse power would be all I care about. Search for w1209 on ebay. Those are cheap enough to have one for every FET. youtube w1209 to.

With that circuit you need isolation because of the line operated power supply. An off the shelf transformer is a good choice. If I was going to build something like that to pirate with I would go with Bluetooth and Class A series.

Huh? / Re: Happy Birthday Linux
« on: August 27, 2018, 1646 UTC »

make cake

The RF Workbench / Re: Stretchyman 50W Tx
« on: August 25, 2018, 1809 UTC »
The new TX sounds interesting but I'm replying about AVRDUDESS. Never heard of it but I do know about Arduino IDE. So I did some looking around. Turns out Avrdude 6.2 is already on the Linux distro I'm using. For others reading this AVRDUDESS is a GUI for Avrdude. Thanks for the tip Mr. Str!

Huh? / Re: Al, steer that hurricane...
« on: August 23, 2018, 2054 UTC »

there'll be an earthshattering kaboom. Then the market will crash and everyone will be very poor.

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 23, 2018, 1757 UTC »
Is there a "theory of operation" section in the manual? I can make out the path from the oscillator into the PLL chip and from the PLL chip to the varactor diodes D1,D2 but the rest is not so easy. What part number is the PLL? What happens when you vary R22?
(I think it's 22, not R5)

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 23, 2018, 1511 UTC »
Can you post a schematic? Not the whole thing, just the part with the PLL chip, the DIP switch and the oscillator. The "loop" must be broken.

Equipment / Re: Inexpensive signal sources for CW transmitters
« on: August 22, 2018, 2253 UTC »
That would make a nice piece of test bench equipment for the money but seems like overkill for just generating a CW signal. You could buy a 22 meter beacon kit from Chris for $20 and a HC-49S crystal assortment from ebay for ~$9. Then you can pick from these frequencies:

3.6864MHz      HC-49S    2 Pcs
4.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
4.032MHz     HC-49S    2 Pcs
4.096MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
4.194304MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
4.9152MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
6.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
7.3728MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
8.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
10.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
11.0592MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
12.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
12.288MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
13.56MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
14.7456MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
16.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
18.432MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
20.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
22.1184MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
24.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
24.576MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
25.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
27.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
27.12MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
30.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
32.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
32.768MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
40.000MHz    HC-49S    2 Pcs
32.768KHz 2*6    2*6    2 Pcs
32.768KHz 3*8    3*8    2 Pcs

There is also 9.000MHz and maybe some others

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