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Huh? / SBG
« on: April 04, 2018, 1713 UTC »

                                     Eat my Shorts Sinclair - Bart Simpson

General Radio Discussion / Re: Well this is Troubling...
« on: March 22, 2018, 2358 UTC »
Someone should put a WebSDR in or around NYC so we can listen. With hundreds of pirates there must be a few good ones. You know, that play hippie music.

Equipment / Re: Stretchyman's 10W LuLu Transmitter
« on: March 19, 2018, 2319 UTC »
How much for a PCB and a Crystal?

The K3FEF WebSDR has a label that says "SkyKing 4" at 9025.

But does Nautel have an eBay Store?



I don't get it. Both are on Wikipedia.
One is dead and the other is on WW (what's the C stand for?) R.

If Alex Jones thinks they are a threat he can get Ted Nugent to shoot em down.

If someone outside the US launched them how does the fcc get involved?

With Lawyers.

I think the FCC is going to be the least of their problems...  I'm sure a few other 3 letter agency's are going to pay them a visit

USSF is 4 letters.

Try one of these: 120-240 VAC or 12-24 VDC power, Bluetooth, FM radio, USB of Micro SD, RCA input. 50 Watt mono output. Volume, Bass and Treble. Remote Control.
For about $12 off ebay.

Note 1: Probably not 50 Watts RMS.

Note 2: The mains side of the SMPS is exposed through holes in the enclosure (ask me how I know).

     Using Ubuntu 14.02, Firefox still seems to work fairly well with that, especial on this old 13" MacBook. I don't like internet exploder either. I won't touch Chrome-dome. Safari was a neat alternative years ago, I still have an older version that can run on my Dell 531S Inspiron with WIN VISTA, but now run Firefox mostly on that one as well and dual boot it with Ubuntu as well. And my search engine? Startpage,   https://www.startpage.com/   I won't oogly-googly anything anymore. Yeah, if there was another nice alternative to Firefox, I'd like to try it, but I'd have to ask myself, an alternative compared to what?

That startpage.com may end up being that for me. I put it right under DuckDuckGo in my Favorites and will test it for a few days. Thanks.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Digital pirate tv transmitter
« on: March 10, 2018, 1753 UTC »
Build an analog transmitter first, then you could switch to digital later. And don't bother going above channel 36. I wanted to try using an old VCR to try to rebroadcast a OTA digital channel but I totally lost interest in TV. The few things I watch now are available by Torrent.

I don't go near Windows anymore ;D and I tried Crome when it first came out but there was no way to fix the colors so it was useless to me. I use Firefox on Linux Lite because it has dark themes available and it costs the same as my computers 8)
And I don't use Google, I use DuckDuckGo ;D

General Radio Discussion / Re: Digital pirate tv transmitter
« on: March 09, 2018, 0432 UTC »
Two words: cost prohibitive. Analog and digital transmitters are basically the same except for the modulator. Try finding an ATSC 8VSB modulator for less than $1000.
And if you could do it nobody would see you unless they happened to do a new channel scan while you were transmitting.

You misspelled hustle.

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