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MW Free Radio / Re: Greek MW pirates night 5/6 Feb '18
« on: April 21, 2018, 2055 UTC »
Hello from Greece,the pirates from Serbia they tuning between 1670 and 1680 khz for example 1675 khz,but the greece pirates at 1670 or 1680 khz. Of course the same it  is happens at all  the others pirate frequencies.
The power of the Greece pirates sometimes is extremely high,20 kw  or higher,and most of the antennas  are very good and efficiency constructions.
The radiation angle is too high, 70-90 degree, because they wants to speaking between the Greece,and this is the reason why they dont use vertical antennas. ;)

the propagation to the U.S is not good :( ,maybe tomorow will be better,thanks Chris.

hello friends,i greet you from Greece,very nice website ,my name is Kostas and the transmitter location is Athens,because its all in the begining i have not yet photos and videos to show you,at few days i will be ready and more οrganized,thans for the listening reports !!!

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