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Unid station on 6290 khz Good strong signal here in England.  Dutch Language.

I heard Radio Yellow Duck with that annoying stupid Duck sounding DJ on 6200 here in South East England.
Signal was fair.
13:31 UTC Rose Garden
13:32  UTC Macarena
13:35 UTC Annoying Duck DJ
13:36 UTC La Bamba
13:37 UTC Annoying DJ Talk
13:38 UTC Mambo No5
13:42 UTC I go to Rio
13:49 UTC faded out
13:52 UTCShow Me The Way Peter Frampton

Spy Numbers / New Book n Spy Numbers Stations Published
« on: March 01, 2021, 1812 UTC »
A new book on Spy Numbers Stations was published by Amazon Books. written by U.S. Radio Amatuer Ronald Milione W2TAP.

The book is called Secret Spy Radio Stations.
I have only just received it and haven't had chance to start reading it, but it looks interesting.  there are plenty of illustrations, and b/w pictures of the assumed locations of the Spy Stations.

The book is available from Amazon.

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