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Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: July 15, 2019, 1613 UTC »
15 July 2019

11435  1600z HM01 weak but with new numbers.  Four are plus one from yesterday; two are new.

53366 51756 56861 33352 18711 47464

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: July 14, 2019, 1612 UTC »
14 July 2019
11435 1558z  HM01 with QSB and QRN sending new numbers:
     18667 33351 77008 47463 53365 51755

This is the third day in a row for new numbers.  Carrier came on just before broadcast started which is a change from their habit of having the carrier on several minutes before, sometimes including a bit of R. Havana.

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: July 13, 2019, 1709 UTC »

11435  1630z  no signal from HM01

11530   1657z  Good signal from HM01 with new numbers:
        53364 51754 18666 33351 77007 47462

Familiar "plus one" pattern but 4th number changed.

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: July 12, 2019, 1631 UTC »
I have been too busy to stay up with the meanderings at HM01 but today (12 July) managed to copy them on their 1600Z session, which started several minutes early.  I was in the office using my Icom R30 and the whip antenna and copied the signal very well.  It seems back to normal after a long stretch of hard to hear transmissions.

These are the number groups transmitted.  I had not heard them before, but I have not listened daily.

53363 51753 18665 67537 77006 47461

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: May 22, 2019, 1821 UTC »
22 May 2019  11530 at 1800 with repeat of numbers of February 22
18253 65311 55104 83886 28556 23037

There was no transmission on usual 11635 frequency for this time slot.
Signal about s7 with QSB in Oklahoma...way down from usual 59+.

They came up on 11635 at 1821 with the above traffic.  They were having problems, restarted the tape at 1827.

Utility / Air Refueling Operations
« on: May 06, 2019, 1722 UTC »
6 May 2019, 1630z, 132.45 AM

India 1 coordinating air refueling operations over Oklahoma and Texas. Regular reporting to Ft Worth Center regarding changes. Could not hear most other aircraft and suspect they were on UHF while India 1 was also transmitting on the ATCC frequency.

India 1 eventually ended the operations and requested clearance to Grissom AFB to deal with minor maintenance issue.

Listened while driving so did not record all the call signs other the India and “tough” #s. 

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01
« on: April 26, 2019, 0313 UTC »
They are clearly not using this service to transmit operational messages very often.  They keep broadcasting to keep the channel "open" and presumably pass their traffic via some other means.  Some intelligence services have abandoned SW broadcasts in favor of other techniques, but there is nothing so totally anonymous as just broadcasting an encrypted message out that can be received over a huge geographical region.  No clues are given as to where the agent resides.

They must be maintaining this for use when other methods fail.

Thanks for posting this.  I am going to try to hear them for the first time but I don't have the Yagi I really need yet.

Utility / 6903 and 6807 USB
« on: March 13, 2019, 0332 UTC »
Station 2HF (Two Hotel Foxtrot) sending series of EAM type encrypted messages 0315 03132019 USB.  Very strong in Oklahoma.  Calls ZMCUGW and ZMCUZO sends message of 36 characters to first and 30 characters to second.  Repeats second message.  No one answers the broadcasts except a Spanish freebander who comes up on frequency and says "Hello" in English a couple of times. 

I have seen speculation that this is MARS.  Might be, but big signal for typical MARS station.

At 0334, same message to ZMCUGW being transmitted on 6807 USB by station Y4S.  This transmitter is weaker, fading quite a bit.
0340, Station 7RF on 6807 sends traffic to ZMCUZA.  YL operator with male operator voice heard occasionally behind her.

0353 on 6988 C4K sends to ZMCUZO.  Different YL operator, strong signal.

Many thanks!  Very helpful.  73

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 on 11435 kHz @ 1500 UTC.
« on: March 10, 2019, 1601 UTC »
You may well be right. We’ll see if they ‘fix’ it tomorrow.

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 on 11435 kHz @ 1500 UTC.
« on: March 10, 2019, 1553 UTC »
I almost checked myself at that time, then I thought ‘No, everyone uses UTC.’   Of course these are the guys that broadcast a R. Havana ID segment yesterday prior to their usual traffic.

On 11530 at 1557 utc with familiar numbers.

Utility / Re: SHARES West Weekly Net 14402 USB 1800 UTC 23 Jan 2019
« on: February 21, 2019, 2305 UTC »
Does anyone happen to have the time and frequency for any SHARES nets in southern or southwestern regions of USA?   Many thanks.

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 new groups
« on: February 20, 2019, 1636 UTC »
OK.  Sent you a PM (if it worked).

Cheers, Dave

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 new groups
« on: February 20, 2019, 1606 UTC »
02202019  1558 UTC  11435

New groups from HM01

18251 46159 55102 83884 28554 23035

Five of the groups increased by one since yesterday.

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