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Weekend Music Radio with the now weekly show, playing Taylor Dayne "Tell It to My Heart," Jack also mentioned the 6950 late night relay (which begins around 2230 UTC) could be heard on SDRs in Australia ... so he is hoping for some reports from Australia, if the relay goes out tonight.

Good signal for 6290 in the SW UK

Dance music and Laser Hot Hits jingles heard, good signal in SW UK

Cupid Radio with a strong signal in SW UK, said running 500 watts, playing dance music

WMR with a new show (just mentioned June 2023), playing George Benson "Give Me The Night," playing some old WMR recordings from 1980, good signal

Very strong signal in SW UK, talking about death of Tina Turner this week, playing "Nutbush City Limits" and "Private Dancer." WMR also on 6295, but not in parallel

Radio Altrex with IDs and playing dance music, fair but noisy signal

Very strong signal from the WMR relay, with Elton John "Tiny Dancer" then Creedence Clearwater Revival "Travelling Man." End of show then back on with the new show Mid-May 23

WMR with a new show being relayed via SW Gold - 6160 strong, 3975 weaker, operator Jack Russell talking about the hoax WMR station who has been rebroadcasting old programmes during the past few weeks.

So far this mystery relayer hasn't rebroadcast the new show, maybe this weekend.

Good to hear Jack back on the air!

Joey on air with dance music, strong signal

Strong signal in SW UK, jingles, dance music

Could be Radio Zeppelin from Greece. Hearing the station at 1839 UTC with light instrumental music, low modulation, some utility QRM

ID "This is Colorado Radio," Motorhead "Ace of Spades", fair signal

Late night broadcast from Premier Radio, playing Joe Dolan then Gary Moore songs, good signal into SW UK, frequent IDs

Radio 3-1-9 jingle at top of the hour, oldies, good signal but deep fading

Non-stop music, heard at 1858 UTC with The Beatles "Penny Lane," very strong signal, maybe Mike Radio, off air at 1902

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