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Good signal, playing Melanie C "I Turn to You," talking in German

The duck seems to have switched up to 6205 now .... heard at 1655 UTC with Allessi Brothers "O Lori," duck talk, then song in French, then "Ring My Bell," signal S9, off 1705

edit by Ray :
split, with the new frequency in the subject (much clearer this way)

Bronski Beat "Smalltown Boy," John Leyton "Johnny Remember Me," talk in German, IDs as Radio Benelux or Radio BNL, fair-good signal but quick fading, audio a bit muffled

Radio Blackbeard from the UK with station ID and email address, non-stop dance music

Repeat of Dave Scott's Radio Waves show from Christmas 2020. Strong signal

Strong signal from Blackstone with Kool & The Gang "Boogie Wonderland," then the Four Tops "Reach Out I'll Be There."

Strong signal, usual dance music, ID confirmed by op in pirate chat

Fair-good signal from Pandora - playing Toy Dolls "Nellie the Elephant." Johnny Cash "San Quentin." Steve St John airing a show by Kenny Crescendo of Radio Britannia

ID "EKR - it is all about the music," song "Follow You Home" Rhett Miller, weak signal, same as webstream http://ekrdigital.com/european-klassik-rock/

Recorded ID/email announcement by woman, then bluegrass song, weak-fair signal

Weak-fair signal, due to be on air until 1600 UTC today

Pandora with 5000 Volts "Dr Kiss Kiss," contact details, Ricky Valance "Tell Laura I Love Her," fair-good signal

Good signal from LHH, heard playing Bananarama "Nathan Jones," Laser jingles & promos, George Ezra "Budapest"

Station came on just before Ronalisa signed off, non-stop electro music, good signal with strong peaks. Ronalisa left the airwaves leaving this station on 6290

Flux AM jingles, 10cc "Dreadlock Holiday," A-Ha "Take on Me," weak-fair signal

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