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It was Polka Radio - ID from operator in the chat

Joey moved here at 1904

Radio Joey was on this channel, moved to 6331 then switched to 6385 at 1904 UTC after Pandora switched off

WMR with a new show (just mentioned June 2023), playing George Benson "Give Me The Night," playing some old WMR recordings from 1980, good signal

There was a posting in the Facebook group Landbased Pirate Radio of the 70s and 80s a couple of days ago about Radio Pythagoras which included a recording of the station from 1985.


Very strong signal in SW UK, talking about death of Tina Turner this week, playing "Nutbush City Limits" and "Private Dancer." WMR also on 6295, but not in parallel

Radio Altrex with IDs and playing dance music, fair but noisy signal

Another new show from WMR on air now (1738 UTC) - Jack has mentioned today's date, playing Jefferson Starship track. He has also said he will verify reports via the mystery relayer. Very good signal in SW UK.

The website has also been updated today: http://www.wmrscotland.com/wmr_latest_news.html

Yes, the new show has gone out - references to May 2023 in the programme and talking about current events on shortwave.....

Jack left a message on my blog: "hoping to have a new show for tomorrow for WMR.. Should have recorded today but some studio gear had been stripped out for a disco last night and place was locked up all day til 6pm to retrieve gear.

So lets try again and see if he takes the show.

I am amazed at the interest this has created!! And also surprised about 6160. Maybe they will take the show again. Not heard from the lads there for a while.....

Best regards

Jack at WMR"


Very strong signal from the WMR relay, with Elton John "Tiny Dancer" then Creedence Clearwater Revival "Travelling Man." End of show then back on with the new show Mid-May 23

WMR with a new show being relayed via SW Gold - 6160 strong, 3975 weaker, operator Jack Russell talking about the hoax WMR station who has been rebroadcasting old programmes during the past few weeks.

So far this mystery relayer hasn't rebroadcast the new show, maybe this weekend.

Good to hear Jack back on the air!

Joey on air with dance music, strong signal

These are old recordings of WMR and the transmitter is thought to be in Ireland

Blauwe Panter ID heard at 1853 UTC, strong signal

1016 UTC .... DJ just said it was February 2016. Probably the WMR hoaxer who used to replay WMR shows when WMR was active. Still good to hear WMR on air again.

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