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1016 UTC .... DJ just said it was February 2016. Probably the WMR hoaxer who used to replay WMR shows when WMR was active. Still good to hear WMR on air again.

ID at 1859 - Cold Beer Radio

I heard an ID for Radio Avia .... good signal

Just announced the date - 21 Feb 2016, good signal, somebody putting out old WMR show

Strong signal in SW UK, jingles, dance music

It's Radio Joey with his usual dance music mix - strong in the SW UK

Could be Radio Zeppelin from Greece. Hearing the station at 1839 UTC with light instrumental music, low modulation, some utility QRM

Still on air at 1518 UTC, talking about Radio Merlin, playing Men Without Hats "Safety Dance." Good signal but some bursts of utility interference

Splinterwood Radio, an internet station being relayed by Deltracks .... good signal here

ID "This is Colorado Radio," Motorhead "Ace of Spades", fair signal

Key Channel Radio from Italy testing, some SSB QRM

Late night broadcast from Premier Radio, playing Joe Dolan then Gary Moore songs, good signal into SW UK, frequent IDs

Cold Beer Radio at 1815 with greetings to me & DX Ace plus loggers in HFU, giving out email, fair-good signal

It's Radio Voyager, heard giving out email address

Radio 3-1-9 jingle at top of the hour, oldies, good signal but deep fading

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