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Back on at 1615 UTC with trance music and also "Radio Joey" ID jingles. Good signal on SDR in SW England

Radio Dolfijn with a short test, confirmed in Iann's pirate chat

Radio Freedom ID heard at 1751

This was Fox 48 ... he moved to 6295 to avoid CW QRM on 6286.5

6270 was Radio Klabautermann from Germany

Hi Ray

The station might be Radio Zend Piraat which has an email address radiozendpiraat@gmx.net

(Subject edited by Ray according to that idea)

5770 was Radio Pamela from the UK

Zeppelin Radio ID & email address heard at 1734 UTC, piano music

I heard a clear "3-1-9" ID at 1600 UTC on 4775 kHz

Yes this was Radio Zwarte Panter .... Black Panther. Good signal in England

Hi Ray ... it could be Blue Moon Radio from Ireland, but it is a pity he doesn't include IDs in his music loop :-[

6290 was Radio Enterprise from Italy

MW Free Radio (@MWpiratefan) reported on Twitter tonight that Bogusman was raided by officials from OFCOM today after transmitting on an international distress frequency

Blue Moon Radio posted on Irish Paul's blog yesterday to say he would be testing on 5675 kHz all Sunday. No IDs heard but assume this is BMR

Irish station is Charity Radio from Ireland, via a relay

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