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Very clear here in SW Florida

Propagation / Re: Grey line map (real time)
« on: July 12, 2020, 2105 UTC »
Interesting. I see that it comes with 12 slides for each month of the year. Not sure it would be easy to find though.

I have two of those, the earlier monochrome and later color version. They're invaluable to me as I don't use a computer at my radio desk (I'm very old school). The early one came with an overlay for the Great Cirlce path at 40* North, but now I live at 25* N so...
They turn up on eBay from time to time. Not expensive.

I love reading this thread, great idea to start it!  I'm actually going to websearch the radios that I'm not familiar with, especially the old portables.

My first SWL experience was a cheap multiband that had a broken whip antenna in our kitchen when a kid.  I put a metal coathanger in it and stuck my arm through that. I spent my summer vacation that year listening to the BBCWS during the day and RCI at night, that was all that came in on that dog. When my mom wanted me out of "her" kitchen my dad found a Rising FM-500 at a flea market. Bedside with a 15' wire in an L across my room I heard the world for years, including Radio New Zealand when they still used the old 7.5 KW transmitter. (1980s). I couldn't believe I found another brand new one on eBay a few years back, made by Rising but marked as Merc. Someone else must have had one as a kid because in a bidding war it went from a starting bid of $30 to my winning bid of $89 (I really shouldn't tell you what my actual high bid was...). Now I have an R7A and a couple of professional receivers among others, but nothing will compare to what that Rising gave me when it comes to enjoyment of the hobby.

Amateur Radio / Re: Best Band/Frequencies to Start on CW?
« on: January 31, 2020, 0215 UTC »
Thans for the replies!  I don't have a 6 meter rig but I can understand that advice. I'm one of those no-code Extras that finally wised up and realized that CW adds a lot to enjoying the hobby and will make the most of my 10 watt TS-130V. Staying away from the high speed ops is what I wanted to do so thanks for steering me away from the lower portions of the bands.   

Amateur Radio / Best Band/Frequencies to Start on CW?
« on: January 30, 2020, 0250 UTC »
Okay, I finally learned morse code and can know copy at a slow rate (think longwave NDB speed). I'd like to start using CW on the air, which band and frequences would be the best for me?  I am aware that there are portions of bands I should probably avoid to keep from annoying the experienced CW operators.  Thanks for any advice, all would be appreciated.

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: November 19, 2019, 0022 UTC »
Yes, got it. Thank you!

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: November 16, 2019, 2335 UTC »
I wonder why the Italian HAMs who devised the 775 mod pdf don't recommend replacing the 3sk thingy with the bfr thingy for lower nf in the IF amp if you splice in a inrad roof. Pretty sure you can come up with an additional 3 or 4db gain with the inrad roof filter amp (let alone a spot on alignment) so could make up for the lost gain. I'm in a quandary over mine, should I forsake the am rx side and mod for ssb work or leave it possible to rx wide sigs like am and fm? This thing sits on ssb all day day in day out and I've several other rigs that sound better on am.

Can you give me details about that mod regarding the Inrad roofing filter, please? 

Personally, since I have other receivers that sound great on HF I'm not worried about how AM sounds on the 775. I would think that if you aren't using it for AM or FM tx optimizing it for SSB would be the way to go.

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: November 16, 2019, 0104 UTC »
Josh, I can't believe how well you've gotten to know this transceiver! Thanks for all your work, it's greatly appreciated

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: November 11, 2019, 0108 UTC »
I found a 775 group and read these posts:

"You must bevare of the fact that FL80 (3.if 9MHz 2,4Khz) is bypassed when COMP is off.
In transmit that filter only works with COMP ON.
Else, the TX limit of 2,8KHz is in the FL96 (455Khz 2. if) and PSN is OFF in the menu.
With PSN ON you use the CWF455HT 6KHz filter + DSP settings to set the TX bandwidth."

"The FL-80 (with printed 2.4Khz on it) is more like 2.7Khz filter.
Even in the servicemanual it is called a 2.7MHz filter.
I replaced with FL-70 and made measurements and recordings before and after
replacement. Almost no difference.
And..also have in mind that during transmit the FL80 is bypassed when
compressor is off. (Stated in servicemanual too.)

I never use the compressor if I want good TX audio. (External rack.)

The DSP bypass-mod is more funny if good sound in SSB is the issue."

I don't understand that last line...anyone?  That talk about the FL-80 is news to me. 

I agree with you that matching filters makes a lot of sense when you have Twin PBT, so it'd probably be better for me to find an FL-44A to replace the FL-96, as DXing is far more important to me than ragchewing, or...would using an FL-70/96 and narrowing with Twin PBT be the equivalent?

I can just use DSP tx to go wider if I use the narrower crystal filters. 

Along those lines, would it even be worth getting SSB filters for the narrow slots if it has Twin PBT?  I'd probably get the Inrad 1.8s but that's another $250. Would the selectivity over PBT with the FL-80/44A be worth it? 
This is getting confusing.  Maybe I should have stayed with a simpler old rig, like upgrading my TS-130V to a TS-130S...

Thanks for the link to your "775 Package," I can't open it on my iPhone though. Maybe when I finally get a laptop (radios come first...)

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: October 20, 2019, 1819 UTC »
Yes, a PDF report of your work would be a great idea!  The more information readily available always helps.

I got my 775DSP a few days ago (without the manual)  and have been web searching for some answers to a question with no real luck. I understand the DSP HPF/LPF set up for TX/RX, but regarding the analog crystal filters:

Does the 775 use one set filter bandwidth (and IF frequency) to transit in SSB (such as the FL-80) and use the others for receiving only, or does the front panel selector allow using the different filters for transmit?  In other words, would I have a choice of using both an FL-70 AND something narrower (like an Inrad 2.1 kHz) filter for transmiting if desired?  If only one is used for transmit, which filter position is in line during transmit?

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: October 09, 2019, 0237 UTC »
Josh, I just found this thread. Great stuff and I'm glad you're posting these updates!  I'm learning a lot from them.

I just bought an early 775DSP but won't get it for a couple of weeks. It was finally time to upgrade my Kenwood TS-130V (yes, I said V).

Can I ask what the stock 9 MHz and 455 kHz filters are in this rig?  Mine will have originals but I would also like the wider SSB filters, but with the option to go narrower (like 1.8 khz) when needed. What filters can I fit in the 775 and what would you suggest?  CW using 500 hz would be fine for me and I wouldn't care about AM on this rig, already ordered the Inrad Roofing Mod.  I have my other receivers for AMBC.

I always loved the receiving ability of my (now gone) R-70 but the audio was indeed lacking. The 775 has a very good reputation though.

Equipment / Re: New T2FD Antenna Construction and Performance
« on: July 26, 2019, 2336 UTC »
Nice!  I'm a big fan of the T2FD for a receiving antenna.  I used the RF Systems version a number of years ago, very, very low noise even in a suburban location with a wide coverage range, as you pointed out.  I'd try building one myself but I still have two brand new RF System T2FDs that I bought on closeout so no point really.

Interesting about the angle you used (vertical). I found that reception was equally good either near horizontal or tilted close to 30 degrees. Maybe Countryman's original 30 degree design was in regards to transmitting for his intended purpose?

Equipment / Re: Active antenna for condo or apt
« on: July 22, 2019, 0243 UTC »
I've been thinking about moving into a condo in the future. I'm 73 and tired of taking care of a 92 year old house that has problems. This means I would be giving up my 7mhz backyard dipole and CB antenna. I would like to know if anybody is using an active antenna in a condo or apartment and how good the reception is. I fear there would be too much QRM in a multiple unit building. Thanks for any answers.

If you're looking for a receive only option (I believe that's what you're asking), I am having good luck with loopstick antennas. I can either turn the antenna away from the noise source, though apparently my problem source is only in one direction. If noise comes in from all around it'd be more difficult. Or, since the ones I've used run off internal batteries, there's always a spot in every apt/condo I've been in that is a sweet spot for low noise, or lower at least which can be turned away from.

The Palomar LA-1, AOR LA-320 and Palstar LA-30 have all worked pretty well here (maybe that should be Pal$tar).

Equipment / Re: Gear prices
« on: July 21, 2019, 0248 UTC »
Sony portable radios have gone for > $1K

Radio collectors are a mystery to me

I will admit to being somewhat of a receiver collector, mainly vintage gear that I wanted when I was a teenager/young adult. Nostalgia, really. It's about finally being in a financial position to own radios that I thought would be awesome to have instead of my 1960s multiband portable that I used for many years.

That being said, I'd never pay the price that most of them are offered for on eBay today. Way overpriced, IMO. If I'm interested in a specific receiver I'll wait for a good price, as they are also sold on QRZ, eHam etc. I did, however, drop quite a bit on a Drake R7A because it was within driving distance and sold by someone I trusted. Had an R7 before and foolishly sold it, really wanted another, but if I wasn't able to actually see it before purchase I would not have bought it.

Equipment / Re: Gear prices
« on: July 21, 2019, 0234 UTC »
LOl oh yeah I forgot about the Sony cult, remember the one that did fax reception and printed it on paper?

"Just $12K Canadian Tire Dollars! https://www.ebay.com/itm/SONY-CRF-V21-shortwave-radio/293062083901"

I remember seeing a Panasonic RF-9000 being offered on eBay for $14,000. I think it was also in Canada, perhaps the same person selling off his collection.

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