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Strong in SE UK
2340 non-eng rock n roll
2343 JT talking - close down well meet again.

Sinpo 55444 in S. UK.
2138 polka
2141 JT greets to Poland over polka

Sounds the same as yesterday - same sort of music, similar signal strength and quality. Assume it is Europa again.

Strong in uk
Edm/pop non-stop music

Johnny tobacco? Sounds like his style.
Sinpo 55445

2203 JT on the mic. Running low power at the moment.

2150 Lay Back in the arms of someone - Smokie
2153 Id (unclear) male voice Radio Jonny Tobacco
2153 C&W
2155 C&W & Id

2159 Shout out to me - Thanks Johnny. SINPO 55444.

1653 Mike radio Id, hard days night,

General Radio Discussion / Carrier Sleuth "Radio Enthusiast" Article
« on: February 11, 2021, 1213 UTC »
Found the below ( https://www.radioenthusiast.co.uk/articles/milli-hertzing-with-carrier-sleuth ) via an email from "Radio Enthusiast"; publishers of Practical Wireless & Radio User magazines in the UK.

‘Milli-Hertzing’ with Carrier-Sleuth - Optimise your Medium Wave DXing

A Brilliant New Piece of Software

‘Millihertzing’ seems to become “le must” of this season. The most recent software stems from smart software author Chris Smolinski, W3HFU, who over many years offers inspiring software. His new offering is dubbed Carrier Sleuth. It analyses I/Q-WAV files from software-defined radios at high resolution. It is thus the  perfect tool for measuring offset frequencies on medium wave. The screenshot on this page top shows such a spectrogram, covering 20Hz in width - and 24h in length - on 590kHz.

Why would you use Carrier Sleuth, when you can have SDRC V3 to hand? First, the program works with a multitude of WAV formats from many different varieties of SDR software (Chris’ list, which is still expanding). Second, it lets you ‘hop’ from one channel (9kHz or 10kHz) to the next – if a proper part of the spectrum has already been converted from WAV to FFT.

The software can also convert spectrograms to CSV to apply some statistics on each signal. There are many more smart features, and Chris will more soon, for example for the processing of I/Q files in real-time to save a lot of time.

My bread-and-butter SDR software is SDRC V3, and I record in WAV RF64 one-file format (which sometimes swells to nearly 10TB). Carrier Sleuth can even digest these recordings with a workaround: specify an interesting part of the medium wave, defined by upper and lower channel and time segment, and convert this into simple WAV. This is easily done with SDRC V3’s Data File Editor. It is also the way Carrier Sleuth produced the screenshot on this page.

Chris published this software first on 10th December 2020. He eagerly looks for bug reports, applications and further suggestions form the users. Take a free test drive. The full registration code costs US$ 19.99.

The other image on this page shows a timeframe of 24 hours on 590kHz, on 19th January 2021, in Northern Germany. This reveals a couple of North American signals with VOCM of St. John’s, Newfoundland the strongest and KQNT Spokane on 590.002kHz/Washington State the most interesting, also enabling  reception in the afternoon.

Watch out for an extended news item on Carrier Sleuth in the March 2021 issue of RadioUser.

(Courtesy, and with thanks to RadioUser contributor Nils Schiffhauer)


Sometimes FR24 seems to 'guess' at locations. Locally here, helicopters based at Redhill are shown as going to/from Gatwick, exec jets going to Northolt show as Heathrow etc.

In this case though FR24, Flightaware and PlaneFinder all show JBU634 going to BUF so I guess it went there.

From Google and FlightRadar24 it looks like JBU634 is scheduled Port-Au-Prince -> JFK. On 7-Feb it seems it diverted to Buffalo before continuing later to JFK.

I used to be a big VRS user. It relies (or did at the time) on community input  for route information. There was/is a web page where route info can be submitted. Routes on that system can be wrong / out of date especially around the time schedules switch from summer to winter timetables and vice versa, particularly for charter and seasonal flights. I guess no-one has submitted an updated route to Andrew (VRS owner/developer) for JBU634.

Update: The VRS route info site is still there (https://sdm.virtualradarserver.co.uk). It has been expanded to cover airport and airline codes as well as route data. You need to set up an account before you can submit data. There is a facility to show route history for a flight number ... For JBU634 the route SFO>BOS is shown coming from ACARS data on 2013-02-20 and has never been updated.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Romania International eQSL
« on: January 04, 2021, 1944 UTC »
RRI did suspend issuing paper QSLs for awhile in 2019. I got an eQSL with a note "Unfortunately, for the moment, we are unable to send out printed QSL cards, the format you have been used to, due to budget issues. We are sorry for any inconvenience!" at the time.

They did restart sending printing QSL cards but maybe they have "Budget Issues" again?

Think Skipmuck got a namecheck c1154
1155 unid instrumental
1159 jingle/id
1200 off

+1 for Ct Yankee's recommendation of M0TAZ.

Farnham - KiWi WEB SDR (South East UK | Grid: IO91of)
is pretty good for most stuff (ham, SWBC, etc)

They also have a VHF/UHF SDR (50/70/144/146/430/433/435Mhz) but probably of less interest to users on here.

Both above are close(ish) and equi-distance from my QTH so I use as a check against direct reception.

55555 to uk
1206 techo/beat
1208 om id over music
1210 unid track
1214 Barracuda
1217 id/em

Looks like these broadcasts are due to continue until New Years Eve. Unfortunately most of the passes over my QTH are early in the morning. There is one (low elevation pass) at c0940 Local tomorrow (26-Dec) and Sunday but the 'overhead' passes are at 0500/0600 and getting earlier. Not sure I can be face getting up that early (with 0c temp's forecast) to grab a couple of images.


ARISS News Release                                                                                                                     No.   20-30     

December 22, 2020 — An ARISS Slow Scan TV (SSTV) event is scheduled from the International Space Station (ISS). This will be a special SSTV event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ARISS on board the International Space Station. The event is scheduled to begin on December 24 at 16:40 UTC and continue through December 31 ending at 18:15 UTC. Dates are subject to change due to ISS operational adjustments.

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