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Thanks for the input.  It sounds like RCA is the way forward.

Are 1/4" or 1/8" audio jacks and plugs contraindicated for field-swappable connections between coax connector and antenna terminals, or between coax connector, the coax ends of a toroid-wound choke and antenna terminals at QRP?  I'm looking for a way to quickly and easily swap or remove different chokes/baluns/isolators into the watertight junction box feedpoint of a vertical.


Same as above but with RCA?

That's pretty cool.  All it's missing is some sort of homemade man-powered battery. While it isn't homemade, a thermoelectric generator could probably be used with a campfire or sunlight scheme for grid-down use with this TX.

Why would either country take out the grid to Buenos Aires? There is no geopolitical or strategic benefit.

I'm aware that Russia and the US have been playing hacker towards each other, but I don't think that either would try to take out the other's grid except in time of war, because one Trident sub has enough firepower to turn European Russia into a radioactive wasteland (and vice versa).

This is the sentiment I tried and failed to succinctly communicate: firstly, that the tactical and strategic value of taking down power grids in uninvolved third-world countries escapes me, and secondly that this would be an act of war, the likes of which will probably signal things going kinetic.

R4002 and I are clearly tuned to the same frequency and his ammo comments have me wondering: grid goes down, what's the next comms step for those of you prepared for this? It's the reason I got involved in HAM. And while I have the gear, energy and skills to communicate,  I don't have a gameplan besides listening on calling frequencies and waiting.

I hope it's just that. The stakes are too high otherwise.

Back to radio: I've noticed when I tune to 6000 to check propagation RHC sounds distorted, like it's overdriven. A couple months back it wasnt like this. It happens across all my receivers and antenna systems. Any ideas what could cause this? It's a really strong signal, it just sounds like it is put through a clipping tube fuzz pedal.

Chavez started that with nationalizations of virtually every sector of the economy, as well as chronic mismanagement of their cash cow, PDVSA, the state run oil company. Maduro was just the last guy driving the bus.

I'm not arguing that he's a bad leader, I'm saying that there is plenty of evidence as I listed that the grid was brought down by hostile forces in order to get the CIA stooge into power.

BTW Juan Guaido has been recognized as the legitimate president of Venezuela by, in addition to the US, most members of the EU, Canada Australia.... the list goes on.

Guaido wasn't voted into power or recognized by any political machinery of the sovereign state of Venezuela.  It doesn't matter what the US (and its NATO puppets), the country that is actively and illegally trying to unseat him have to say.

It concerns me to see my countrymen support what are effectively wartime actions against a country that is not a threat to us, and with which we are not at war.  Bringing down a nation's power grid for purposes of unseating a legitimate leader is dirty business, and once you factor in the antagonism of these actions against two nuclear superpowers, it becomes pure unhinged recklessness.

Maduro also drove what was one of the most prosperous Latin American countries into a hell with record-breaking inflation and skyrocketing crime.

I don't argue this point, but I want my country to get out of the business of toppling regimes.  Who the people of another nation vote into power, and what that person then does to his own people aren't our problem.

First, he shows the folks who are paying attention (in both the United States and elsewhere) that his capabilities have increased past turning off the power for an hour or so in Kiev.

It's not a sound strategy to unveil secret weapons and capabilities to send messages unless your back is against the wall and you hope to tell the other guys you can and will with the next provocation, so if it's really Putin and it's really a message, I find it concerning.

The Russians are still the bad guys in my eyes. 

I was raised in a similar bath of anti-Russian media, but when I count all the ways my own government is oppressing me vs. how many ways the Russian government is oppressing me, Uncle Sam looks like the bad guy.

A day long blackout is more of an inconvenience and malfunctioning GPS is annoying but combine those things with cyber-attacks that cause longer-lasting damage and you have a formidable weapon of war.

I've read an analysis that concluded if the US and Russia were to both hack the other's grid, the US would be on the losing side.  The author said that while the US was flush with cash and modernized and computerized everything they could, Russia is behind the curve due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, i.e. they have less to hack, less of their infrastructure would stop functioning.

If you draw the comparison between cyber-weapons and conventional weapons the "who benefits?" question gets closer to answering itself.

So this would be like Russia igniting another Tsar Bomba, or shooting some brand new particle weapon off the coast of California, or some other shot across the bow.  It's a very bold move which, I think, points to the conflict about to go hot.

I was more implying that the Russians or the Chinese were behind the most recent massive blackout.

As always, cui bono? Who benefits?  Why would Putin do this, what does he gain? 

Maduro is perfectly able to blackout Venezuela on his own, without any assistance from the CIA  ;D

I appreciate the levity, but I don't personally find the situation in Venezuela a laughing matter.  A CIA-trained and backed goofus stands up and says "I'm the Prez now," our entire media makes it a thing and gets behind him, and after a handful of incitements fail to provoke Maduro's hand at a massacre or get the Venezuelan military to turn, Senator Marco Rubio tweets a taunt at Maduro about the nationwide blackout minutes after it happens.  If this were the extent of it we could all smirk about how out of shape the CIA has become since the 60s, but China and Russia immediately moved in to help fix and protect Venezuela's infrastructure.  In other words, after the US lost the proxy war in Syria to Russia, they've pivoted to Venezuela and are losing there, as well.

And that brings us to last Thursday's absolute shitshow of a frame up on that Japanese tanker in the Middle East.  Sure, our "intelligence agencies" are certain Iran did that, but how dense do you have to be to believe that Iran ordered a hit on a Japanese oil tanker at literally the exact time the Japanese premier was sitting down with Iranian premier?

I know my tone is aggressive and I apologize if it offends.  However, I'm not excited watching my government provoke the planet's two other super powers in several theatres across the planet.  I'm horrified at how few people can see what's going on.  When the moves are this sloppy and stupid, everyone should be able to see through them.

You know the saying about the paranoid:  "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't to get you."

Just because you are a Latin American strongman doesn't mean the CIA isn't trying to regime change you.

Amateur Radio / Re: 2M SSB
« on: June 17, 2019, 1853 UTC »
What I'm hearing is that the ft-857d is _not_ the rig for this kind of stuff!

I thought blacking out Venezuela was their test run.  The CIA's push for war is isolated to Venezuela as far as I know, so what gives?

most of all i want to take down the wire in the house lol so any advice on how to replace it would be great.

Some more information on how much room you have outside, what sort of natural towers (trees) you have, and whether this must be stealth would be helpful for fine-tuning suggestions, but here are some ideas:

1) Move the wire outside, "ground" it to a fence or pile of old wires (or other metal) hidden under grass/soil, run coax to your receiver.  To decrease EMI pickup, wind some isolation transformers for each end of the coax and leave it floating.

2) Minimal, raised quarter-wave vertical with two radials.

3) Horizontal loop around the perimeter of the house hanging under the eaves.

4) The inverted V as mentioned, with the apex mounted to the highest point of the roof and the ends staked to the ground for easy deploy/stowing.

I have experience with #1 for SWL and #2 for 20m TX/RX.  I haven't had a chance to A/B test them for RX-only.  #2 is handy because I can untie the radials and move them out of the way during the day, then put them back at night for use.  It's also simple to drop the entire antenna to pack away, but in order to save oneself from having to get the line back up and over, make sure it is long enough to have both ends at ground level, then tie them off to the tree trunk while not in use.

Getting your antenna outside should yield a big improvement.  Because you are using SDR and by definition your receiver will be by a computer, it may be necessary to choke power cables, USB cables etc. with suitable ferrite materials to reduce EMI.

Amateur Radio / Re: 2M SSB
« on: June 17, 2019, 1302 UTC »
Anyone into a 2M SSB revival?

I'm taking down a neighbor's old VHF/UHF TV yagi and plan to use the material to build a 144.2 VHF yagi this summer.  I'm also about two beers and a smart phone surfing session away from purchasing the ft-857d that I've lusted after for years.  I'm interested in some weak-signal VHF work.

Is 50w enough for acceptable 2m SSB? Is the ft-857d good enough on RX to try?

Josh, that's a really cool-looking radio. Reminds me of the military aesthetic on the Sony ICF-5900w.

I wish I would have seen this thread earlier, I've never heard contesting above HF.

Equipment / Re: Vertical antenna SWR diagnosis
« on: June 15, 2019, 0133 UTC »
I shortened it even more and the dip moved further to the right. I had about 3:1 on the frequencies I operated on 20m, made a handful of contacts on 15 watts. Then I plugged it into my pl880 and was amazed at hearing broadcast stations my skywire seems to miss. So far I'm happy with it.

Equipment / Re: Gear prices
« on: June 14, 2019, 2259 UTC »
My other hobby is electronic music production. Radio collectors have nothing on analog purists. You might be able to purchase modern radios that outmatch the overpriced vintage units, but you can purchase outright circuit for circuit synth clones, some of which have similar physical stylings and even so, the collectors still shell out top dollar for the originals.

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