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Spy Numbers / Re: M01b log 10 June 2019
« on: June 19, 2019, 1300 UTC »
Hi Remy,

Nice catch. M01b doesn't make many errors, but hey, they are only human :-)  It sometimes happens.


Thanks Ary. It really threw me off listening in real time, I had no intention of even writing the numbers down so I had to go back and listen several times.

Now I'm on to figuring out the shutdown sound. I cant seem to match it up with anything.

Spy Numbers / Re: M01b log 10 June 2019
« on: June 11, 2019, 1523 UTC »
Could be outdated info, and that they have recently changed systems. Is your recording online?

(Note: I'm no expert, either Token or AryB would be better able to answer your questions than me, but I'm curious about hearing your recording. Perhaps Strange Beacons as well. Hopefully one or more see this soon and jump into the discussion.)

What's your QTH? Did you copy this at your QTH or were you tuned into an online SDR? How does one tell if there's an error?

Thanks, MDK2

I am in the states, I utilized a European online sdr to listen/record. The error is comprised of a space (dead air) where numbers should be sent. After the short silence the numbers resume and all numbers in the group are accounted for.

I have never encountered this before. Perhaps it is normal, I was unsure so I wanted to ask.

I am trying to figure out a method of attaching the audio here.

Spy Numbers / M01b log 10 June 2019
« on: June 11, 2019, 1402 UTC »
Hi, I recorded and logged M01b yesterday. I have listened to this station before but never noticed an error. I recorded an error in the 21st paired group. Is it common for operator error in number stations like this? Also I recorded an operating system sound (probably windows) that differs from the recording on Priyom.org. Is this significant, or just outdated info?

June 10 2019 1810z

858 367 33

72762 35906 29332 19505 92200 14107 48924 79149 14762 99184
04910 40433 01580 00822 71264 00665 62017 35830 51057 47417
437*19 51569 53061 46975 28538 78991 45860 21753 92197 98315
75071 51341 57133

367 33

*Operator error on 21st 5 digit pair (8:59 1st recording)
**Substantial frequency drift Edited: Does not sound like frequency drift, rather fading/qsb (start of 2nd recording)
***Unidentified OS sound (1:28 of 2nd recording)

I stopped recording early on accident, and started recording again a little while later. Thats why there are two recordings of the same broadcast.
Recording #1 https://soundcloud.com/user-340619866/m01b-websdr-recording-start-2019-06-10t19-18-12z-51500khz/s-kfYMQ
Recording #2 https://soundcloud.com/user-340619866/m01b-part-2-websdr-recording-start-2019-06-10t19-33-09z-51500khz/s-afanh

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