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S20 here in south cackalacky
now an s-30 good audio

Good signal in to South Cackalacky  20 over
Thanks for the tunes

00:21  S8 into South Carolina with occasional fading.

00:13  Nice S9 signal into South Carolina. Enjoying the show.

S9 into South Cackalacky on 6927.2 Khz

23:58 The lion sleeps tonight - The Tokens
24:00 You got another thing coming - Judas Priest
00:15 and faded into the noise  Thanks for the tunes.

23:14 I can barely tell there is something there, signal not strong enough for South Cackalacky

23:18 Can hear music but just above noise level
about and s6 jumping to s8 noise level here.
23:21 OM talking

just above the noise s5 mixed with static crashes to S8

23:17 I can hear music but can't tell what it is.

S9 + into South Carolina

23:48 Zeek's Animal House ID
23:49  Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
23:52 Zeek talking to wife
23:52 Highway to Hell - ACDC
23:56 Thunderstruck - ACDC
24:02 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Thanks for the show Zeek enjoying it

For low power you have a solid S9+ peaking at 10 over at times.

S7 signal into South Carolina

23:38 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - Hollies
23:40 Green River - CCR
23:43 Breakup Song - Greg Kihn Band

Just above the noise with some good peaks.

23:54 Station ID "thanks for sticking with us"  and gone

Good signal into South Carolina running 10 over

23:21 Zeek talking
23:41 Zeek closing up the show.  Thanks Zeek enjoyed your Halloween Show.

Coming in 20 over 9 here in South Carolina

22:38 Don't fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
22:38 OM Talking Zekee's Attic ID
22:39 White Room - Cream cut short and onto
22:40 Money - Pink Floyd

Signal picking up
23:45  OM talking into Georgy Girl - The Seekers
23:53 Thanks for the Shout Out
23:56 Teenage Idol - Ricky Nelson I believe

I'm losing the signal but enjoyed the tunes while I could hear it.  Thanks Yeah Man Radio.

S-9+ into South Carolina
23:32 Oh won't you tell me again - Moody Blues
23:35 Let the Good Times Roll - The Cars
23:42 Signal has faded away into the noise

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