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After you implement your antenna choice. Let us know your results.

I wish kiwi would display to .000 since you can tune them to .000 or 1 Hz. My Tx is within +- .0001 or 0002 Hz max GPS frequency accuracy.

I was not planning to stay on the air that long. When I saw your reports I changed my mind. I played a mix of smooth jazz with other smooth sounding tracks as this is not heard much on SW. As in the past I play a variety of music not just copying other stations playlists. Thanks for your comments and signal reports. 8)

Thank you for this link. I have bought some China made devices for my station development etc.

Equipment / Re: Looking for Linear Power Supply
« on: April 09, 2021, 0059 UTC »
The devices off eBay can be a copy of the originals from China like software programable hardware boards that worked fine for me. When it comes to RF devices I also had to get refunds from re stamped junk.

I also received one for sending my recording in.

Thanks tAC!

QSLs Received / Re: Voice of Pancho Villa eQSL
« on: March 01, 2021, 0631 UTC »
I received eQSL 38-21 for sending out Pancho on 4060 kHz USB at 0430 UTC

Thank you.

I was beaming out to Europe with a BSJ show. I appreciate all the Europe and USA reports.  ;D

You heard a live broadcast of best smooth jazz hosted by Rod and Angie Lucas from the U.K. As always thank you for the great signal and audio reports. We spent a lot of time getting the best sound on sideband and AM on our transmitters.  8)

Hello Throwback90s. I tuned into your station. It was nice to hear you on the air with the 90ís music.

I have found links to some stations I listen to (and many smaller streaming stations that play different music) that I can play in VLC and create my own playlist on PC. I tend to stay away from the big comercial stations with lots of adds. I also have a old Apple iPad touch docked to a sound system as a dedicated player for years and it still works with the radio station app. Many ways to play.

Hello DJ DW nice S9+ 40 Signal. Cool tunes. Nice audio just a little hot. Not sure if you have the audio processor on your HF rig on.  Best off with music. Or just lower the level. Otherwise it is loud. Thanks for the music  :D

Hello Radio Illuminati. Sounding fine as always.

I appreciate all of you tuning in.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Illuminati eQSL Jan 31
« on: February 08, 2021, 0401 UTC »
Radio illuminati sounded great. Thanks for the cool QSL   ;D

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