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Possibly a fairly convincing sounding computer voice reading a script about democracy? About S6-S7 in the Boston burbs. Pretty weird!

Heard the "Seventy Seven Lima Juliet Sierra" ID at sign off.

Female voice continually urging listeners to go to 1720 KHz at 0300z. Extremely strong in the Boston burbZzz

WDOG excellent in the Boston burbs! S9+.

Partial India Radio ID at 1402z. Good S8-S9 signal in the Boston burbs. Email address repeated over and over and then back into dubby music at 1404z.

Very nice S9 signal in the Boston burbs at 0051z.

I heard and recognized Mission of Burma (I'm an old Boston punk) but the audio otherwise is really not great. Low, and muddy.

Very good S9+ signal in the Boston burbs.

Tuned in right at sign of at 1319z. About S5 in the Boston burbs.

Hearing it here in the Boston burbs, but not strong. Maybe S3.

Absolute stud signal here in the Boston burbs at 0232z (2/25/23) on 4030 KHz. S9+. Excellent audio, cool tunes, vibing out here in the shack with some beer and just the light from some candles and the radios, and hi-fi speakers on the Anan 70000 for RX. Thanks Ballsmacker!

Zeke signing off, not soon enough, with an impassioned plea that he's not anti-Semitic then immediately goes into a criticism of a ham he says is a Jew.

UNID Tones up on 6960 with EDM/house music. S7 in Spookytown.

On again, S8 at 2126z 2/23/2023.

Peskies / Re: US fishermen 4009 USB 2323 UTC 01 FEB 2023
« on: February 19, 2023, 1505 UTC »
These guys are active again today 2/19/2023 at 1504z. Not very strong. Two guys with American accents talking about boat and fishing stuff. There was a mention of New Bedford and Atlantic Red Crab (either the shellfish, or the company).

The move to 6980 is actually interfering even more with the CFARS net on 6977. Op, please reconsider and use typical pirate freqs 6925-6955 to avoid trouble.

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