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The Smacker is S9+ in the Boston burbs with fantastic audio at 0210. "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jelly. Awesome signal!

Judas Priest "Victims of Change" at 0206z in the Boston burbs! Nice to hear Two Dog Radio. About S5-S6. Completely readable, and nice audio!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6955 AM 2151 UTC 8 FEB 2023
« on: February 08, 2023, 2215 UTC »
Solid S7-S8 in the Boston BurbZzzZ with some kewl blues.

Good in the Boston burbs. S7-S8, "I've Seen All Good People" @ 2300 UTC.

S9+20 in Spookytown with great audio!

Awesome signal in the Boston burbs. "Most Friday nights... Ballsmacker Radio" ID at 0237 UTC, then into Marrakesh Express by CSN. Good audio and love seeing pirates on this new popular low band!

Cloudsplitter with a huge signal here and positive ID at 2112, then into Come and Get It by Badfinger.

Pinning the needle in the Boston burbs. Awesome signal and awesome audio.

Utility / Re: Marine Nets/Frequencies needed
« on: January 16, 2023, 1333 UTC »
Check around 8000-8300 KHz regularly. There are marine nets there frequently. 8137 KHz has regular weather reports for yachts, and there's chatter on and around that freq all the time.

Music by "Aurosonic & Stine Grove" noted on 6925 USB, very nice S8+ signal.

There was a computer voice ID at around 1337 UTC but I have a really hard time with these computer voices.

Decent signal peaking at around S7-S8 but some moderate fading. "Does" by Pompeya @ 1444z.

9100 KHz noted today 1/5/2023 at 1426z.

Simple Minds, super loud in the Boston burbs at 2227z.

Also have this in the Boston burbs, maybe S3 at most. Strange conversations and monologues with English and German (?) accents?

To be polite, this is essentially a dead carrier, which is why it probably isn't getting more logs. Very strong carrier, but almost nil audio. Basically a dead carrier.

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