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Extremely heavy interference from the Azores peskie net. Nice signal, but destroyed by peskie QSO. Ops: please consider operations off of 6925 KHz, which is completely 0wned by the Azores peskies and render most stations on 6925 KHz inaudible.

Other / Re: UNID 9225 USB 0100 UTC 30 Aug 2013
« on: August 30, 2013, 1147 UTC »
Someone on the UDXF list reported this as "possible signals training". I did some searching around and this is not the first time this was heard.

This link here has a very good quality recording, and indicates it was recorded on August 8 between 2300 and 2315 (presumably UTC):


This is also a frequency for S06, but that seems coincidental. I vote for moving this to the "Other" forum for further tracking.

Presumed Rave On Radio at 0151 UTC. Conditions really suck or something else unusual, as I can ordinarily hear Rave On Radio at least S5. This signal is S2-S3 max and that would be generous.

Suspect this is the PBS broadcast that went up to 6945 KHz, so merging topics.

North American Shortwave Pirate / PBS 6925 KHz AM 0058 UTC+ 8/30
« on: August 30, 2013, 0113 UTC »
Definite QSY to 6945 KHz. ID as "PBS" Pirate Broadcast System at 0113 UTC then into Van Halen. Another ID at 0018 UTC with announcer using reverb, says he's the new "eager beaver" on the airwaves. "The crack kicked in big-time" ID and into a trance-y track at 0123 UTC. Announcements might be live since this started on 6925, went to 6945, and announcer is mentioning 6945. Another ID by "John del Averto" (??) saying he's on crack and has to sign off quick. Off at 0127 UTC.

Other / Re: UNID 9225 USB 0100 UTC 30 Aug 2013
« on: August 30, 2013, 0108 UTC »
JFK speech on 9225 KHz USB at 0107 UTC. About S7. Very interesting.  ???

Big S9+30 AM signal on 6925 KHz (then QSY to 6945 KHz) with "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)". This signal woke the peskies up bigtime and they began QSO-ing and whistling along. Ops, please consider operations off of the Azores peskie net frequency (6925) which just kill us here on the east coast.

Mysterious Mystic Radio with BRS address and old time music, S9 at 0002 UTC.

"i have dick weed" (the new IRC greeting phrase)

S9+20 on the NetSDR. Old time radio show at 0052 (8/28) as noted by other listeners.

Utility / A little 11175 KHz activity for 8/26
« on: August 26, 2013, 1553 UTC »
11175 KHz USB:

1443z SAM 787 with ANDREWS for radio check
1457z PUB 35 calling MAINSAIL for radio check
1509z PUB 35 calling MAINSAIL again, no joy

Someone not brain damaged like me could answer your question more intelligently. But my point of view is that it goes something like this.... there's no major commercial enterprise yet to develop and market true high performance SDR to hobbyists so we are nowhere near economies of scale in the SDR world.

Instead the development is happening by talented experimenters and engineers running small companies, possibly as a hobbies themselves. The cost represents not just the parts but their significant investment in time to research and develop the hardware.

The NetSDR is expensive at $1449, but in the few days I have been playing with it, I have absolutely no regrets. It is an amazing radio. Does it really have $250 in parts inside? I have no idea. But does it perform like I'd expect for $1449? It sure does. The engineer behind it is the guy you deal with when you buy one and he is available on IRC. Could you talk to the designer of your Yaesu on a moment's notice?

I guess what I am saying is that sure, the parts individually may be nothing particularly exotic but the finished product is far from a commodity. I'm not being sarcastic here: if you think you could design and build a unit that performs just as well, and sell it for a LOT less, you should do it! It would only help move the SDR revolution further.

SDR catch. Not particularly strong, maybe S3.

SDR catch. Very good S9+10 signal with Captain Morgan ID and captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com address at 0115 UTC.

SDR catch. Strapping S9+20 signal throughout. Dr. Benway at 0259 UTC talking about being inspired by KIPM and developing his own theater of the mind, then "goodnight".

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