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Nice S9 signal on my BeerKiwi at 1406 UTC with Keep On Lovin' Me by The Whispers.

Pirate Radio History / Re: Vintage reception report MEGA THREAD!
« on: June 24, 2022, 1849 UTC »
East Coast Music Radio Pirate Radio QSL Card by jilly999, on Flickr

Jill, that's awesome! Thank you for sharing. A blast from the past. I need to get back to posting more vintage reception reports.

The RF Workbench / Re: Beyond 45/48m
« on: June 14, 2022, 1934 UTC »
I just picked up an Ego mower and trimmer and the batteries and power out of these things is extremely impressive.

Quick public service announcement! We track pirate oddities in real time in our awesome Discord chat. That's how we found this one! Join here:


Jump right into the #general channel!

Yes you read the frequency right, a pirate on 27605 KHz USB. Tuning around the amazing 11m conditions today, stumbled upon American accented DJ playing a variety of music. Unlike the usual 11m channel jammers, this is a quiet freeband frequency with no other activity and seems like a typical SW pirate show. VERY nice S9 signal in the Boston burbs and good audio.

2111 - OM announcer into King Tubby
2113 - This Is My Last Affair, The Meters
2116 - OM announcer again with no apparent ID talking about music, and then into Afro-Blue by Abbey Lincoln
2119 - Afro Blue, John Coltrane
2130 - ID again, running through the songs

It seems that the operator of the transmitter is playing some kind of online stream or archived radio show, and he's muting or potting down the original IDs when they are announced.

Huge S9+ signal in the Boston burbs!

I Go Crazy by Paul Davis 1804 UTC. Very nice S9+ signal, some light fading, VERY nice audio with great low end.

"Front Page News" by Beechwood at 2211 UTC. Nice S9 signal but some propagation fades.

Nice S9 signal with some moderate fading at 1803z. "Don't Sleep In The Subway" by Petula Clark. Really, really nice audio.

Nice S8 signal with some light fading here in the Boston burbs. Enjoy the jazz brunch show.

S9 in the Boston burbs. An anti-vax speech by a man. There is notable hum on the audio.

S5-S6 here in the Boston burbs.

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver by Primus at 2235 UTC. Very nice S9+ signal in the Boston burbs!

Weak, S1-S2 max here in the Boston burbs.

Seems to take its inspiration from:


S7, variable strength, in the Boston burbs.

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