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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925u? 7.13.13 0203z
« on: July 13, 2013, 0210 UTC »
It's actually AM mode and is a repeat of the Radio Echo One shows that were earlier on 6920.9 AM. Very tough copy here now. Some quick peaks to S8 but then long dives into the static.

Signal slowly fading. Down to S5-S7 at 0003 UTC (7/13) with audio getting harder to pull out of the static.

Echo One sign on at 2340 UTC and then into music. Very strong S9 signal here.

Strapping S9+20 signal here with a kind of ambient-electro-chill tune at 0108. Then off?

The "yeah, yeah, yeah" bit IS a hallmark of Insane Radio. Carrier is still on. Maybe we will get the SSTV confirmation.

I also thought it sounded like He Man Radio the first time, but disregarded that as plausible for some reason (mainly the format). Second time around it sounded like "Hitland Radio" or something. It's read just a little too fast.  ??? Maybe it really was He Man Radio but the format is nothing like the original He Man Radio.

Wacky jamble of audio clips. Pretty trippy. No ID. Peaks to S8 here in the Boston burbs at 0144 UTC.

About S5-S7 at 0128 UTC. Fading and static are complications. But I can copy it.

S9 at 2317 UTC with the Smashing Pumpkins.

Don't recognize the songs, but a good S8 signal with some fading.

Positive "The Voice of Knock Knock Radio" ID at 0136. Still good S9 signal.

Very nice S9 signal at 0123 UTC with GNR "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

Whip It by Devo at 0158 UTC. Great audio and still solid S9+10 signal.

Violente Femmes at 0152 UTC with "American Music". Very sweet S9 signal tonight. Summer noise is not too bad.

Really nice S8 signal here at 0120 UTC. Into a punk song after announcement.

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