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Off at 1622 UTC.

Pseudo Radio popped up on 6924.7 KHz AM with an ID 1558 UTC. Not particularly strong, maybe an S3, and I am having local QRN problems.

Edit: Signal came up dramatically to S9 at 1604 UTC. Really nice signal now!

The UNID is back again on 6925 LSB at 2104 UTC with a live Pink Floyd instrumental. Signal is now much higher, hitting S9+20. Seemingly off again at 2107 UTC.

6925 LSB, about S7 with moderate fading. Noted from 1705 UTC onward.

1705z - 70's kinda blues-rock thing for sign on
1708z - 80's kind of thing sounding somewhat like Phil Collins
1713z - another blues-rock tune, possibly a mention of Quicksilver Messenger Service at the beginning (live recording)
1718z - off
1737z - back with a 70's/80's style rock thing
1745z - another song
1750z - more QMS (same song as before?)

Positive ID and QSL information at 1631 UTC by computer voice. Then into the XX, I believe. Highly variably signal, between S3 and S9.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 KHz AM 2358 UTC 4/18+
« on: April 19, 2013, 0004 UTC »
AM carrier popped up right on 6925 KHz around 2358 UTC. Played a minute or two of some kind of interval signal, then into programming. Extremely weak here in the Boston area. Checked with Iann's, but not a Euro. Anyone else have this? Nobody on IRC seems to hear it.

Other / 16930 KHz (estimated) jammer?
« on: April 15, 2013, 1849 UTC »
I came across this pulsing siren noise on 16930 KHz. Does anyone know what this is? Sounds like a jammer maybe:


First part of recording is in AM, then I switch USB. There may be a very weak carrier at 16932-ish, that could be the target of jamming? Time is 1842 UTC on 4/15/2013.

How does the audio sound on these spurs? Is it "clean" sounding? Or distorted? Also does this QRM remain constant? or does its signal strength tend to "jump around" a lot?

It's not clean sounding. It's very muffled on the random spurs. On the harmonics (like 4710 KHz) its a little cleaner sounding but still quite muffled.

Chris: thanks for the information about the PAR filter. I'll keep that as an option. I'd really like this to just stop, however. I have never had this problem... never ANY mediumwave products, in the 7 years I have been at this location. And then BOOM, one day in January it starts.

Update: I took a portable (Tecsun PL-380) with me to a spot about 3 miles from my shack. The same stuff is notable there. Very loud odd harmonics of 1570 KHz (e.g. 4710 KHz) and spurs and images everywhere else. Granted not quite as strong as on my shack rigs, but those are probably much more sensitive and have larger antennas. I know, now, that it's not a problem specific to my shack. Still, a discouraging situation. Ideas on how to proceed?

Pigmeat, thanks for the comments. The station was sold and changed ownership; the new owners immediately got a construction permit for 50kw (from 30kw) so presumably some changes were made. Now I hear Caribbean programming up and down HF. It's a single 100 foot stick, so non-directional, according to the construction permit. I don't believe this is a change from when they were running 30kw.

Utility / Re: Open carrier on 13620
« on: April 14, 2013, 1453 UTC »
This is listed as a Radio Cairo frequency for that particular time. They are notorious for a long history of technical problems that make the Cubans look like rock stars. A dead carrier would not be an unusual event for them.

I'm guessing they talk about the usual stuff guys on a boat might be discussing: fishing, drinking, women, etc. A lot of the conversations, at least up my way, are in Portuguese, too.

Occasionally some English speaking guys will pop up. There was a Gloucester crew that sometimes shows up but I haven't heard them in a while. They are notable for their faaaaahkin accents.

Equipment / Re: 25-30 MHz "11 meter" gear
« on: April 14, 2013, 1426 UTC »
I bought a RCI-2950DX maybe 2 years ago. Nicely made radio and it was very easy to modify for extended TX. Ended up selling it during a shack purge to pull together some money for an HF amplifier, but I've been thinking of getting another.

Equipment / Massive mediumwave interference problem at Beerus HQ.
« on: April 14, 2013, 1411 UTC »
I am soliciting feedback and thoughts on a major problem I am having with an AM station causing me interference.

The station in question is approximately 6 miles (straight line) away from me and also, most of that straight line distance is over a salt water path. I never had a problem with this station, or any other AM radio station causing me interference, until January of this year.

In January, they were granted a construction permit to move from 30kw to 50kw. The problem manifests itself as carriers with audio all over HF and spaced 10, 20 or 30 KHz apart. Some of the carriers are S9, with clearly audible audio that is the same as that on the AM station. On some of the other carriers, I get some kind of mixing products and thus hear OTHER AM stations, such as WBZ (1030 KHz).

The interference lasted a few weeks in January, and then disappeared. It has resumed with a vengeance in the last week or so and seriously compromises my enjoyment of the hobby.

Some questions.

  • How do I accurately characterize this problem? Is it front end overload? Or is this likely to be some kind of spurs from a poorly operating transmission system?
  • Being 6 miles from this station, is it reasonable to expect this type of overload or interference?
  • If this is not a reasonable expectation, would you go straight to the engineering staff of this station, or the FCC?
  • Might my antennas be part of the problem? I have dipoles fed with 450 ohm open line, going to a 4:1 balun, and then a short run of coax. Would a different antenna possibly fix this?

Your thoughts and experiences with this type of problem are appreciated!

Edit: I tested with a 17m coax fed vertical and the interference is still there, which kind of eliminates my antenna system.

Was S8, slid down a little bit, and this is a frequency I am having MW overload problems on. So not very good copy at the moment.

Good signal peaking at S9 with some minor to moderate fading. Kennedy assassination news recording at 1729 UTC.

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