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I also heard the burp here.  ;D It was about S9+20.

EAM Guy just started up around 2354 UTC on 6925 KHz USB, after the English speaking boat captains signed off. S4 here. "This is sulphuric, OUT" at 2356 UTC.

A couple of English speaking (southern-accented) guys talking over Rave On now, on 6925 USB. Talking about a dude killing himself. Mentioned about an "elbow coming up" and "5 knots" so I definitely think these guys are (boat) pilots. Mention of Key Largo coming up, and going to Miami.

Down in the noise for me at 2325. I can tell its there but can't really pull the audio out.

Peaking S9+10 at 0201 UTC with a bluegrass kinda thing with a female singer. Amazing longhaul signal. Thanks BOR!

Intermittent talk about alien stuff and white blood cells. S8 in the noise.

Sorry DJ LT, only the faintest of detectable carriers here.

Had it very clearly playing Green Day and then off at 0028 UTC. Signal was maybe S7 but with high noise and static crashes.

Great signal, S9. Modern English "I Melt With You" at 0021 UTC. Nice audio, too.

This is Underworld playing at 2359 UTC.

I found this by accident tuning around, but it's only an S1 at best for me. Not strong enough to recover any audio. I can hear a tiny bit in SSB.

Other / Russian voice traffic 6943 KHz USB 2258 UTC 2/18/2013
« on: February 18, 2013, 2304 UTC »
I briefly had two Russians (presumed) going back and forth on 6943 KHz USB at 2258 UTC. It sounds like they may have been in aircraft but this is only thin speculation. Audio was very constricted, like possibly wearing oxygen masks. Signal strength was not strong.

Radio Ga-Ga starting up on 6925 KHz USB. S6.

Notably improved signal and audio at 0041 UTC. Peaks to S9 but persistent fading. Announcer team chatting. 

QSLs Received / Re: WEAK Radio
« on: February 18, 2013, 0015 UTC »
Also got one. Thanks WEAK.

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