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Author Topic: 22M Beacons Log 8-19-2022  (Read 295 times)

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22M Beacons Log 8-19-2022
« on: August 20, 2022, 0006 UTC »
The following heard on the KFS SDR in Half Moon Bay, CA -

TSN (Tucson, AZ) 13555.96 0154z S5 on a band with S3 noise. However, although the signal was easily discerniable, the spacing between the letters made copying the callsign a bit challenging. There is virtually no delay before the callsign repeats, and the spacing between the letters is such that it sounds like SNT. If it weren't for the listing on LWCA, I wouldn't have realized I was listening to TSN. Increasing the delay before the callsign repeats, by a second or two, would solve this issue.

PCO (Pine, CO) 13563.48 0206z S3-S4 (just copyable above noise)

EDIT - I heard TSN again this morning (8-20-2022), and the delay has been increased. It is easy to copy now.
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