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Author Topic: Radio 48 via Mix Radio International 6950 USB>6910 USB 2336 UTC 28 AUG 2022  (Read 2256 times)

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Excellent signal, I can use 10 KHz Bandwidth.  Playing new music.  Thanks for the show.
2341, ID as Radio Free ?, into Ozzy Crazy Train.
2350 Playing Stick Figures "Show Down",  says Shazam
2354 ID as Radio Forty Eight. New one for me.
2358, Woyote Atlas Shrugged then ID, Radio Forty Eight, the station that dares to be different.
Thanks for the nice music.
0024, Mix Radio International ID.  Maybe a relay of Radio Forty Eight? Into a cover of a Metallica song.
0032 Radio Forty Eight ID
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signal S9+10 on the SDR in Fair Hill, Maryland
23.41 song "Crazy Train"

23.58 ID (a man)
23.58 song "Breakdown"
00-01 ID (a man)
00.01 song (live)
00.05 ID
00.05 song "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race"
00,16 ID
00.16 song

Is this via "Mix"?

Thank you for the show. If possible, please QSL. Thank you.

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Frequency: 6950
Date: 28 August 2022
Time: 2342
SINPO: 44444 in Uniontown PA

2342 - Ozzy Ozbourne - Crazy Train
2345 - Bradley Nowell - Feel Like That with Stick Figure
2349 - Stick Figure - Showdown with Collie Buddz
2354 - ID from Mikey Dolling of Woyettte - "This is Mikey Dolling and you are tuned to Radio 48 - Yeah Hey'
2355 - Woyette - Atlas Shrugged
2358 - Paul Crosby of Saliva ID
2358 -Saliva - Breakdown
0001 - Peter DiStefano of Porno For Pyros ID 'Radio 48'
0002 - Porno For Pyros - Pets (live)
0005 - Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene (It's A Arm Race).
0022 - MIX ID then into Weezer ID for Radio 48
0022 - Weezer - Enter Sandman

Thanks for the broadcast.PSE e-QSL to bad_fish@hotmail.com
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Reciever: Degen DE-1103

PSE-QSL to big_badfish_al@proton.me Note new email address.
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Very good reception....maybe Lime in the Coconut?

2345 Reggae music, maybe cursing before
2350 More unid reggae
2354 Radio 48 ID
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Receiving it here in PA loud and clear. S9, slight fading.

ID Radio 48

00:23 Enter Sandman

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Bill Valley
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QSL or EQSL very much wanted and appreciated
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Online sadatoni

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Strong S9 signal here in Columbus, OH.
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S9+ @ 2355 with "Atlas Shrugged" by Woyote
2358 - Radio 48 ID, then "Breakdown" by Saliva
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Northeast Kentucky
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Radio 48 ID in the clear.
Thanks 48....
Dan in Potomac, MD (USA)  eQSL to:  dxace1@gmail.com

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S9+ 10 Nice signal this evening
0001 -  ID from Peter DeStefano - "The Station that dares to be different"
0005 - "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy
0016 - Multiple IDs': Radio 48
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2358 Station ID by the group Saliva ....  S9 +15
0006 "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy
0009 "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Remix) - Sheek Louch
0023 "Enter Sandman" - Weezer
0027 "Nellu"- Gregor Mc Arthy
0030 "Money, Money, Money" - DMX, Featuring Moneybagg Yo
0033 "Death Sentence - Parker Shogren Featuring Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy & Jed Brewer.
0037 "Adrenaline" - X Ambassadors.
0040 Various canned IDS ....
        "Juicy" - The Notorious B.I.G
0049 "Party Up (Up In Here)" - DMX
0050 "Smash This Beat" - Hardwell & Maddix
0051 "Superstition - Stevie Wonder
0116 "Dawn Of Sila" - Bryan Chapman
0118 "Livin On A Prayer" - (Maydro Remix) - Bon Jovi
0118 "Raise Your Hands" - Ummet Ozcan
0120 "Find Me In The Club" - Disco Lines
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0005 UTC SIO 555, S9+ into my SDR direct
0005 ID Radio Forty Eight- Then into song "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" Fall Out Boy
0023 ID Radio Forty Eight
0023 "Enter Sandman" Weezer
0028 La Bruja" Mindscream & Johnny Magnus
0032 "Money Money Money" DMX
Thanks for the program
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Paul Patterson
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0007 Fall Out Boy
Harry L. Smith
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0010 UTC This Ain't A Scene Kanye West
0016 UTC Radio 48 ID
0017 UTC World We Live In Analog Hustlers
0024 UTC Enter Sandman Weezer

S9+ 20 Here In Ma. On RSPdx Direct Fabulous Signal
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0012 UTC - Signal is S9 in WNY audio is very good, hearing rap tune/hip hop.
Location: Western New York ( Niagara Frontier)
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Sunday 28 Aug 22
6950 USB
2345z reggae-ish music just audible.
2348z wiped out by local RFI
2353z reggae still occasionally audible between RFI bursts
0001z partial ID, "You are listening to Radio (48?)"
0008z signal suddenly stronger with fades, song lyric with Sylvia Plath
0015z Radio Relay ID?
0017z cover of Land of Confusion
0050z Stevie Wonder Superstition, signal stronger now

Walked a couple of miles to highest nearby elevation. No RFI at first, quickly worsened as lights flickered on. Tilting whip horizontally helps a little.
0053z bouncy echo ID, not clear here
0054z hip hop remix mashup of Back in Black
0058z What I Got
0059z ID
0101z Run-DMC, Tricky
0105z Hip hop remix mashup of War, Low Rider
0106z Radio 48, clearest ID so far
0107z Personal Jesus, sudden rapid peaks and fades near twilight here

Sony ICF-2010

Field notes via phone
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That li'l ol' DXer from Texas
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