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Author Topic: 11 Meter Opening 12 Oct 2022  (Read 608 times)

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11 Meter Opening 12 Oct 2022
« on: October 12, 2022, 1435 UTC »
Lots of signals all over the band this morning, noting activity on several of the UK FM channels, plus 26 MHz pagers, FM voice, AM voice, data links, all sorts of stuff.

UK FM CB coming in nicely, including the "top channel" UK FM CB channel 40 - 27991 FM 27.991 MHz FM 27.99125 MHz.  Also noted a POCSAG paging signal on 27.885 MHz 27885 kHz, along with another dead unmodulated carrier on 27881 FM 27.88125 MHz FM (UK FM CB channel 29). 

Data signal, MFSK type, coming in on 27.845 MHz 27845 kHz..  I've logged a similar signal before, on slightly offset frequency 27.847 MHz 27847 kHz.

In addition to the UK and European signals, the Latin American stations are also coming in - including the 26585 AM and 26595 AM Mexican trucker and freeband CB 11m calling channels, 26555 LSB, 27455 USB and several others. 

Our taxi cab dispatch YL friends are around as well.  Hearing Spanish language on 26625 AM right now.  Lots of echo and sound effects. 

POCSAG signals on 26.695 MHz and 26.745 MHz starting to fade in.

27255 is going absolutely nuts.  Non-stop FSK bursts, AM voice signals, FM voice signals..  27.255 MHz back at it! 

ROS data mode coming in nicely on 27235, 27245 and 27635.  Very strong on 27635. 

UNID YL on UK FM CB Channel 7 - 27661 FM 27.66125 MHz FM...maybe a church broadcast?  CADS or WPAS?  Very difficult copy due to heavy QRM from 27.660 MHz USB and 27.665 MHz USB.  Sounds like she's reading something far away from the microphone?  Might be a church service or a recording of something.  Again, very difficult copy due to heavy QRM on 27660 USB and 27665 USB.

EDIT:  Yep, we've got a church service on 27661 FM at 1447 UTC, 1448 UTC (still going at 1454 UTC).  At 1453 UTC, the 27.660 MHz USB and 27.665 MHz USB QRM signals were improved upon by adding a 27.665 MHz LSB signal to the mix.  Now we've got some heavy QRM.  But, the 27.661 MHz signal (WPAS Channel LW07 FM UK FM Channel 7 27661.25 FM) church service is still coming in at 1456 UTC.  Now very very bad QRM (1456 UTC) completely drowned out the FM signal. 

UPDATE: By 1458 UTC, the church broadcast signal has faded down significantly...still there, but 27660 USB is just making it impossible. 

Taxi cab dispatcher (Spanish language) now coming in very strong on 27.755 MHz AM 27755 AM.  Previously logged female taxi dispatcher 27.755 AM.  Mexican taxi cab dispatch lady with multi-tone burst "roger beep" (end of transmission tone burst).  Z

UK FM CB Channel 19 is, to be expected, very very busy.  Lots of activity on there and basically from 26-28 MHz.  Also a nice strong signal on 25950 FM 25.950 MHz FM - likely the WBAP-AM studio-transmitter link (STL).  Previously logged during band openings, along with 25910 FM and 25990 FM. 

Pager or signal data link signal coming in still on 30.000 MHz.  Also works if you tune it in at 29997 USB 29.997 MHz USB.

29.800 MHz - 29800 kHz - POCSAG
29.850 MHz - 29850 kHz - POCSAG
29.900 MHz - 29900 kHz - POCSAG (weak, but fading up...and then back down)
30.000 MHz - 30000 kHz - Paging signal of some type

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Re: 11 Meter Opening 12 Oct 2022
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2022, 1511 UTC »
Sure enough, 11m is quite active today. Airspy HF+ and 31' vertical over radial fied. Still need to reroute the feedline for my 18' vertical.

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