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Author Topic: has anyone ever thought about...  (Read 7428 times)

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Re: has anyone ever thought about...
« Reply #30 on: January 06, 2023, 1824 UTC »
For those interested Renting Airtime on the european/german station
Radio Channel292 (3955 / 6070 / 9670 khz.)

Airtime Rent Information 2023
(Prices for Moosbrunn aren't valid anymore cause of the "higher costs/energy crisis)
(Prices for Rohrbach are the same as 2022)
(New! Channel292 now also offer broadcasts from Woofferton, AM and DRM!)

Prices are in Euro's


For more information - email to
Please add Subject Airtime Rent

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Re: has anyone ever thought about...
« Reply #31 on: January 13, 2023, 0841 UTC »
One could make a considerably strong argument that Brother Stair (and other creature preachers like him) turned more people away from content Shortwave listening than the Internet ever did.  Their borderline hi-jacking of 31 meters is infuriating.

How can anyone 'hijack' an empty SW broadcast band?

Since 2016 the 31 Meter Band has been mostly devoid of stations every night and many, if not most mornings. If I look over my logbooks, especially since the downturn in sunspots around 2016, 31 Meters has probably had an average of maybe 3-5 stations on any given evening, at the most (sometimes including WWV), and the 31 Meter band is about 600 khz wide -- at least 60, 10 KHz channels ar available (more if you consider that SW traditionally has used 5 kHz channels).

Sorry if it infuriates you, but religion's been on the SW since the 1950s probably. The real issue is other broadcasters have left the air, and the downturn of the last Solar Cycle just sped the demise of SW on its way.

Lately if there's no good prop to Asia in the morning, 31 Meters and 49 Meters are mostly static here (esp. at night) in my location, with a varying signal from WRMI, Cuba, and WWCR in the mix. Sometimes WWV doesn't show up on 10 MHz. If I hear Voz Missionaria on 9665 at night it's like Christmas. Amazing they even make it as far as the NW US.

In 2012 there was a LOT more activity. And Bro. Stair was still blaring away on the airwaves back then. He was just easier to tune past and find another station up the band.

As for the OP, there's a guy on several SW and MW and radio forums who works in the radio business, and he sometimes rents time on WRMI and plays music. So it can be done. It apparently doesn't have to be a long term thing. Apparently some of the stations will allow one-offs.
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