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Author Topic: Radio Azteca/Jury Rigged Radio relay by TRI 6925 AM 2156 UTC 11 NOV 2022  (Read 663 times)

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Good reception
2156 Star Wars theme.....fades
2158 Sounds like Radio Azteca theme, QSL talk but very noisy
2200 Mention of Rush Lambaugh
2202 Report of new station
2205 "...old James Bond tunes in background...."  Reception significantly improved
2207 Unid C&W tune
2211 Song over, more talk of radio, fades again
2213 Mention of QSL, Dr. Radio segment.....fades getting deeper
2214 YL addressing children.....
2216 "Crack staff at Radio Azteca......horn IS"
2217 "Talk birds and bees with your child....I Poked Your Mom"
2218 Star Wars theme
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Tecsun H501x (broadcast received on this unless noted), Zenith T/O G500, Zenith T/O Royal 7000, Emerson AR-176, Zenith 8S154, T/O 7G605 (Bomber), Tecsun PL-600, Tecsun PL-880, Zenith 5S320, Realistic DX 160 using 40 feet of copper wire.  With apologies to Senator Gramm for his thoughts on firearms, "I have more radios than I need but not as many as I want."
QTH:  Durham, Connecticut (rural setting, 15 miles north of Long Island Sound)
qsl please to:  jamcanner@comcast.net  (Thank you)

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2157 Star Wars theme. An impressively strong signal.
Chris Smolinski
Westminster, MD
eQSLs appreciated! csmolinski@blackcatsystems.com
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2158 Star Wars Theme
2200 Bram  with first R Azteca  program
2227 Parody song ?
2231 om with Prov R I drop
2232 " Dead scrimp Blues " Robert Johnson
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Harry L. Smith
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2158z hearing the same at S6 signal
2236z solid S9 signal now
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Default RX location is Wisconsin SDR on 135’ of wire. Other RX will be noted.

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2157 UTC Star Wars Internal Signal
2158 UTC Radio Azteca horns IS followed by an Unid song then ID by Bram Stoker
I'll be kicking back and enjoying the show!
2216 UTC End of the first show, into a different show
2218 UTC A pirate song/sea shanty
2223 UTC "The theme from Mr. Ed"  ;D
2226 UTC I couldn't decipher the ID from the echo laden OM....
2230 UTC OM with ID "Jerry Rigged Radio" with postal address in Providence Rhode Island
2231 UTC 1920's old Black blues tune....
2234 UTC ID by OM....also just received an eQSL calling the station "Jury Rigged Radio"
2239 UTC Another station on under the AM carrier, then carrier OFF and the USB station loud!

Thank you for the great oldie relays TRI! They are appreciated!  8)

Here's my recording of the first 2 shows plus a few minutes of the Unid in USB:
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QSL's to poorbrookking >at< aol.com are greatly appreciated! All reception and postings using My radio, My antenna, and generally in real time(excluding posting of SSTV images!).
QTH:Springfield, MA
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2202 utc sinpo 33443
New station
2207 utc song

SDRplay RSPdx....REALISTIC DX150B & DX160
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Country Hit Parade with S9 this evening at 2207 UTC
Location: NE Ohio

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2158  Radio Azteca ID by male, mention of QSL address that was not entirely clear due to QRN, fading
2159  News about various radio broadcasts to come
2207  Old timey music, with fiddle, piano, a muted trumpet, and male singer
2211  Announcer reading listener mail

S7, with QRN and fading
Unless otherwise noted, I am listening via NA5B web SDR, with an antenna in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC


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Oh, I LUV it. Creative radio is here again.

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Reception into NE Ohio:

S8-9  SIO 444   SINPO 45444 audio abit muffled

2210 UTC Music
2211 ID, host comments, responding to Josh, get World Radio TV handbook.....
2214 address for dumb questions to Dr. Radio, get Tee shirt
2215 Another visit from the Story Lady
2216 back to Bran Stoker
2217 Aid to talk to your children about the birds and the bees, trading cards
2218 Star Wars theme
2220 Song, men singing
2221 spoof commercial
2222music into chime music
2223 Hello, I'm Mr. Ed....Theme
2224 man speaking but muffled

Thanks for the broadcast, truly classic pirate radio!
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Chuck Kirkpatrick
Location: Massillon, Ohio (NE Ohio)
Equipment: Yaesu FT1000MP with Off Center Dipole antenna for 160-10 Meters 38 Feet high, 267 feet long, NE/SW
EQSL or QSL GREATLY appreciated to: kirkpacr@proton.me
*Shazam used when necessary
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Tuned in at 2227 to a parody condom commercial.
Providence mailing address at 2231 then Robert Johnson, "Dead Shrimp Blues"
2233 Wiped out here by what seems to be another signal on USB
2235 Providence mail drop briefly audible again
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QTH in suburban Maryland, 15 miles NE of Washington, D.C.
40' sloper and a DX-394 (unmodified)
Please eQSL to beasley dot leonard at gmail dot com

Archive of my off-air shortwave pirate radio recordings: https://archive.org/details/@blue_max_pirate_radio?sort=-date

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signal S8.9 on the SDR i Fair Hill, Maryland
22.30 ID, postal address (a man)
22.31 song "Deasd Shrimp Blues"
22.33 talking (a man)
22.34 ID, postal address (a man)
22.34 music "Lost In Space"
22.36 song (a man) / Irish style ("Dear Boss"?)
22.38 cuckoo
22.38 off
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A German living in Bali / Indonesia
I use WebSDR’s
please QSL to: fschuettig_dx1@yahoo.com

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Excellent relay of Radio Azteca!
Was listening to the show. Thanks for the memories!
All Reception Direct and Local on Cape Cod, MA
"Right here, right now"
Please eQSL to: swradio@comcast.net

Perseus SDR / Wellbrook ALA1530LN

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Sorry I missed it. From before "The station that lifts and separates" era. Bram did love the Wonderbra.


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