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Author Topic: AM Window Operators Talking About Pirate Radio 3873 AM 2350 UTC 3 JAN 2023  (Read 866 times)

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Listening on the K3FEF KiwiSDR, interesting conversation about FM pirate stations they operated and other pirate stations.
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Yep. If you've been around long enough you recognize some of those voices from their HF pirating day's. ;)

I don't know if "The AM Window" website is still up, but a few of those guys used to post articles on how to get hi-fi AM out of your boat anchor AM tx and circuits that would do the job. Why you would need hi-fi AM out of your ham transmitter for voice work is still a mystery those heavy metal boys haven't revealed. You'll notice the biggest compliment on that net is "Strapping signal, Old Man!" and all they talk about is their audio.

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I miss the strapping contests.
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There was a politically connected guy on the local and national level that had a 5 KW converted Collins MW transmitter in his basement shack on the side of a nearby hill. When he signed on he would wipe out everything on the band. He had it tweaked for 40,too. I'd be waiting for Radio Singapore to sign on 7295 early in the morning and he'd start calling CQ before he had breakfast and headed off to boss his minions around. Talk about "strapping"!

At least the coot was in bed when most of the AM'er's were on 75 and 80 meters, but he'd squeeze in for a bit on very late on Friday and Saturday. He was so well connected the FCC didn't dare touch him.