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Author Topic: ABC Germany via Channel 292 1112 UTC 1 Jan 2023  (Read 146 times)

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ABC Germany via Channel 292 1112 UTC 1 Jan 2023
« on: January 01, 2023, 1117 UTC »
1114 UTC Just tuned into the song "These are the days" (Program in English)
1116 UTC Dj talking about the music he's playing then the song "It's all over mow by Baby Blue"
1120 UTC song "These days" - Bon Jovi
1125 UTC Dj introducing the next song "Old days" - Chicago.
1130 UTC song "These days - Foo Fighters / signal into a deep fade
1134 UTC Possible singing radio jingle (deep fade) Dj talking about the next song "One of those days in England" - Roy Harper"
1138 UTC song "Couple days off" - Huey Lewis & The News

S 5 to 7 with a lot of fading in and out via University of Twente Wed SDR. Thanks for the show pls Qsl. Using Shazam to id songs.
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We need another card to shut out the draught HW ABT URS?
Use Shazam app. to ID songs, listening direct Airspray RTL SDR , Ham It UP Plus  & 2 V shape long wire 40ft.  high with a MFJ 941C Antenna tuner or Or via Airspy Sever Network
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