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Author Topic: Message From Spaceshuttle Radio - 04/26/13  (Read 1151 times)

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Message From Spaceshuttle Radio - 04/26/13
« on: April 26, 2013, 2030 UTC »

From: Dick Spacewalker <spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com>

Good morning--- Radio Spaceshuttle has made lots of calculation (=drinked few beers), more massive investigations (=much more beeeeer, hic)... and has got strange results....

1. We are working to have more radio propagation tests and have learned that our 19mb frequency is quite good in many cases for longer skips... Mosts tests might be realized on SSB mode

2. But wishing we can have few transmissions also a bit higher bands (during May and June)... That means perhaps tests on 15 or 16 mb (17,5 or 19 MHz area) .... So we are building a new antenna somewhere of these areas.

3. Propagation also changes, so results are different in May and in June.

4.Our wish is to reach better results in Oceanian area- main target Australia, but also in all Far-East area. (Japan and New-Zealand seems to be a challenge to us that time, but would like to have listeners also there, please!). So more activity from listeners in whole Far-East area and ALL COUNTRIES there is wanted- Please tell us if you can try to listen R Spaceshuttle.

5.We did see we might have propagation also in different parts of AFRICA in some times. But now I would like to knnow if there is any listeners to try us? (In different parts of The continent) Please tell me if you are interested try to listen us in there?

6.We have find best times to reach South and Central-American areas as well, but mostly our signal will be quite weak in there. (Best chances might be June than on May). But wishing also know persons who are willing try to listen us also in that area!

7. North-America might be even more challenge during these months to us... We studied that there might be some hours when it might be wotrth of try WESTERN and SOUTHERN parts of USA.... So, if you are that area, please give us info if you could try our signals in there.

8. All remarks of Europe (especially it's eastern side and south), Meditterranean area are of cource ALWAYS very wanted! Tell your possibilieties to try and report our tests, please!

9. Our near area service shall return as well soon, perhaps on 48mb, but might be 41 mb as well. (And to 31 mb ocassional transmissions).
So, please drop few lines of your interests to our e-mail spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com , please!

Best greetings,

Dick and test-comity of Radio Spaceshuttle

PS. We shall send our test plans for your area after your contacts.  Our motto isd "Please tell your friend that Radio Spaceshuttle is back on air again"
Location: New Hampshire  eMail: dimbulb999@gmail.com


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